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I like dick love sucking dick I've only sucked four dicks . I've sucked the first two several times and the others only once . The first two dicks I fucked them in the ass. I tried to let my first dick fuck my ass when I was 19 and it hurt really bad. Years later I had a black friend from NY. After we got cool he started sucking my dick . As I enjoyed his service I grabbed his hard dick. Only the second dick I ever seen or touched. I couldn't believe how long and hard his dick was. I couldn't wait to suck it. I sucked jacked deepthroated his long dark meat . Eventually I let him slowly push the whole thing inside my ass . He started making slow long stokes that was feeling good. He only made bout 7 strokes each stroke he pushed all his dick inside . I'm ready to be fucked good in my ass

2 months ago


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    • Never done it but what does it feel like to have a guys cock in your mouth?

    • It's a combination of sensations and emotions. There's the whole power aspect, the taboo angle, the submitting to fevered lust. The manly, musky taste of cock, the feeling of it swelling, the pheronomes in the pubes, the salty taste of pre-cum, and the jizz blast. Fear of being caught is its' own thrill, it makes the cocksucker work harder, and the suckee, get harder. Try it, dude !

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