Secretly shared fiance's nudes online with face

So about a year ago, I started secretly sharing my fiance's nudes online on a few websites, with her faced cropped out. It was a HUGE turn on for me just thinking about her being exposed to so many strange men, fantasizing about what they're gonna do to her. She's got tiny little cute tits, but hips that can make you drool.
After a while, nudes without her face wouldn't do it for me anymore, and I started to share her nudes online with her face uncensored. It was so HOT. The thought of people looking into her eyes when her tight little holes are completely exposed drives me crazy. I shared videos of her giving me blowjobs and swallowing my cum, all with her cute little innocent eyes looking into the camera. I'd jerk off multiple times a day just looking at the comments and how everyone wants to use her as his own personal fucktoy.
Then, about 6 months ago, I was messaged by a guy telling me that he can help me expose my cute little fiance even further by reposting all of the nudes with her name in there. The thought of it was so hot that I gave in to the desire and told him her actual first name. A day later, I realized that he'd posted all of the nudes on several websites with her name in the post description. It was such a turn on. Now her nudes are all over the internet. You can even find them by searching her name if you're patient enough.
On the one hand, I feel extremely guilty that this happened, and on the other hand, I get so horny just thinking about her male friends and family members being able to see her completely exposed, sucking dick with a big smile. I fantasize about sending her nudes directly to her male friends, but I know that won't turn out well. I just hope they find the nudes on there own.
I will never do this again, but I know the fantasy will stay with me forever.


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  • I’d love to see.

  • That is soooooo hot !!!! I'd love to show my wife like that !!!

  • It ruins your life man. Just don't...

  • I'd love to see your hot wife. Please email me

  • My wife sometimes takes an Ambien with her wine. Can be like sleep walking. NO inhibitions, VERY open to suggestions, and NO memory. She has no idea I have these videos, much less have posted her and actively share her pussy. Haven't shared her like this but thinking of letting a guy taste her pussy and cum on her like this. Here is a vid I have posted of her pussy when she took her Ambien. My email is if you would like to see more and perhaps hook up.

  • See at

  • Https (colon) (backslash) (backslash) verystream (dot) com (backslash) stream (backslash) 9YnpNWoSfwn (backslash) vary_position_fuk_couple(dot) mp4

  • Didn't work for me. Anyone else try it?

  • I'd love to see your exposed slutwife if you decide to share her again ;)

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