I wonder if anyone Has had sex ith a psychologist or physiotherapist male or female ?
Tell me youre confession about this

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  • I did. Wife and I were in counseling (non-sexual) and it was with female psychologist/marriage therapists. Actually we went through this several times at my wife's insistence but my wife always quit going when she either didn't like what she was hearing from the therapist or it was too inconvenient for her to take the time to go. First time was a one off with a woman counselor a few years older than us who reminded me of an old gf. She made a practice of interviewing us individually as well as jointly and about half way through our sessions she started giving me BJ's in our individual sessions. The last night of what was to be a final joint session (and hence longer appointment) we just went straight at it for an hour and a half. it was great. The next time was when the wife wanted to go to a different and more credentialed professional who gave me an instant hard on the first time I saw her. She was much older but was in great shape, a very stunning mature woman, classy and poised as all get out. She wore custom cut clothes that really fit her figure and her makeup really accented her perfect features. Ironically she wore the same fragrance as my wife which over the years has conditioned me into fucking any woman near me that wears it. Again the wife quite going about the third or fourth session but I continued. The first session without the wife I arrived to find her sitting not behind a desk but on her divan. I sat next to her, said hi, made a little small talk. She asked if the wife was coming and I had to tell her no so she said let's begin. With that we leaned into each other an began making out like teenagers, ripping our clothes off and getting to it. We did this for almost a year. She relocated when her husband was transferred. The best thing about all this was that insurance paid for all of it! Never cost me a dime.

  • Thats good man good job have you cumed inside her ?
    What other things have you done to her ?
    The first therapist was married have kids ?

  • I was attracted to my therapist. She was a short redhead, tall, fit, nice tits, smart, and we could have had some sweet office sex. She picked up on my subtle, inappropriate comments about her looks and had me work with someone else. Too bad.

  • Sorry for you man ...

  • It happens quite a lot.

  • Where do you know this ?
    I think its hard to fuck a therapist

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