There is anybody that are in polygamy relantionships man or women ?
How is it ?
tell me youre story how it started etc .....

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  • I was in a relationship with a woman, she met a man, she introduced me to that man... we are together 20 years later, we just saw our “twins” graduate high school. It can be done.
    The three of us sleep in the same bed. We have 8 kids together. We still fuck on a regular basis.

  • So you and the other man fucking the wife .Sounds hot
    do you plan to have more kids ? How many children are yours and how old are they ?

  • I lost my virginity to two guys, polyamory has always been the norm for me

  • Yeh, I laugh. do you think marrying into uk royalty that being a princess is all about looking great and real love? cuz most of them are used around like whores for diplomatic issues and like carbon trading deals. if you really think they don't have to be laid to get some pay then think again.

  • Yes, my buddies and I are in one right now with your wife and your mom.

  • I had one right out of highschool. It was one guy and three different girls. He was an older guy, in his 40's and the three of us were 18, 20, and 22. We were all insecure, and he made us feel amazing. It all started when one of the other girls approached me at a park where I often went. I usually had my headphones in and read a book. I didn't have a great home life and did everything I could to stay out of the house. But I didn't have a lot of friends because I was very awkward.

    Well Shelly, we will call her, walks up to me and starts making conversation. She was super sweet, friendly, and we got to know each other to the point I was hoping she would be at the park when I went there. Eventually she invited me over. And I met her "daddy" we'll call him Russel. And her "sister", Sally. He was super charismatic, kind, and completely different than anyone I had ever met.

    They were all amazing together. And the more time I spent with them the more I liked it. Next thing I know I'm staying the night. Drinking and smoking weed with them. And one night Russel kissed me, and it went from there. Ended up having sex with him and from then on I was his.

    I moved in with them, and became their "sister" and he was our "daddy" he went to work, provided for us, and all we had to do was stay home, keep the house clean, and have sex with him whenever he wanted it.

    Eventually all three of us ended up getting pregnant by him. Lived with them for five years. But then he got in trouble for tax evasion and things went down hill fast. And eventually it all fell apart. Sometimes I wish it hadn't though.

  • That's similar to my lover's life. He has a harem of close to a dozen girls between 17 & 25. But only the girls who don't live with him get pregnant (like me, though I'm married and my husband doesn't know anything), since he doesn't want any kids in his house. A couple cats and dogs.

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