He's hot

I, 20f, just started working for my father in law who is 49. He's a business owner with about 300 employees in businesses that cover three states. He hired me basically due to nepotism, but I'm good at answering phones and doing administrative work. I do a decent job.

I had only known him as a family member, but seeing him work is amazing. He's smart, analytical, and strong, often getting into fiery debates with his accountants or suppliers and verbally dressing down people who are not doing their job. It's kind of an asshole quality, but it is kind of sexy to see that side of him. It's what makes him an effective leader. He holds people to high standards. At work he doesn't treat me like family, and he's tough on me like anyone else. At work, it's all business. Once the day ends, he's transforms into his sweetie self and treats me like a daughter in law again, not an employee.

He has all of the qualities that are somewhat lacking in my husband: strong, driven, determined, high expectations for performance, passionate for success. It's a bit of a turn-on.

Yes, I'd let the head of his cock part my labia. I think about it a lot.

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  • Well, try acting on your thoughts! Take it easy though, don't want to alienate him. You don't know what he thinks of the idea! Does the subject of sex ever come up? Maybe you can sound him out on his feelings about incest, family relations, etc. Take it slow, and if you sense serious disapproval back off! Try to figure out if it is real or just because disapproval is "expected" by society!
    Good Luck!

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