Insecure about my body

So I've been insecure about my body for a long time. I'm 5'6 and 220 pounds, but much of my weight is in my stomach and my thighs. I still have a waist and you can feel my ribs. My back has basically no fat at all, excluding my love handles. I like my thick thighs and round ass, and have been told that my waistline is attractive for a fatter chick. But my breasts kind of point...down? Which is common for heftier people, but its super embarrassing when I take nudes for my BF. I also have stretch marks from losing weight (was previously 270), and the wrinkly saggy parts of my stomach are really discouraging. I want to be more confident for my boyfriend, and I have been taking steps to lose weight, but my insecurities have just grown ever since. How do I feel more confident about myself? :/

1 month ago

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