I miss my fat ex-wife

My ex-wife was huge. Over 6 feet tall, big broad shoulders, with enormous tits and a gigantic ass. She had fat belly rolls and thick thighs almost as big around as me.

She was massive. I used to love it when she laid on top of me, crushing me with her weight and smothering me with her tits. I miss the feeling of her thunder thighs crushing my head when I ate her pussy.

But nothing compared to fucking that huge ass. I would just climb on top of her and pound her ass all night long. I've never had anal that good.

She was a slut with an insatiable sex drive. Everything she wore was at least a size too small and her tits were constantly bursting out of her tops. Honestly, I just couldn't keep up, so she left me for someone who could.

Lucky bastard. I hope he's still riding that ass of hers, and I hope it's even bigger than it was.

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  • She probably worn him out too..lol

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