When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

When I Found Mom And Daughter Wore The Same Size, I Lost Control

There is a SUPER SEXY MILF named Mandy who lives next door. I get rock hard for her all the time. She is about 5’ 2” and weighs about 110 lbs. She has firm, tiny breasts and tiny hips. I’ve always imagined she must be TIGHT inside. They asked me to house sit for them while they were on vacation. I gladly accepted, thinking I could finally get a look in petite Mandy’s underwear drawer! I was not expecting what happened when I did. Actually, I am ashamed of it!
A few days into their trip I went in the house and upstairs into Mandy’s bedroom. I started looking through her dresser and quickly found what I was looking for – her pretty bras, panties, and pantyhose! Her bras were size 32A, some padded, some not. She had a mix of plain bras, sexy/lace bras, and strapless bras. I laid several on her bed. I was getting really hard at this point. Next came her panties, all size Small. Mandy had a variety of panties from bikinis, to thongs, and many that were silky and lacey! I put a pair of panties next to each of the bras I laid on her bed. In another drawer I found many pairs of her pantyhose, some she had worn and some still in the packages. Depending on the brand, they were Size 1, Size A, or Petite. I laid a of pantyhose next to each of the bra / panty sets on her bed. I was hard beyond belief at this point! I was picturing Mandy on the bed, on her back, legs spread, getting it hard from her husband!
I don’t know why this crossed my mind, but I decided to check out her bathroom. When I looked under the sink, I found some of her feminine products. She had a couple different kinds of tampons – both the kind with applicators and the kind inserted with a finger. All were Lites or Regular size. I also saw a couple boxes of pantyliners, both regular size and those meant to go in thong panties. Next to her tampons I found a tube of lubricant. I wondered whether she needed that just to get her tampons in or whether that was for when her husband wanted to be in her? I laid some of these items next to her underwear on her bed. Mandy was as tiny and tight as I had imagined she was. I was about to lose control in my pants at this point!
I still can’t believe what I did next! A few months ago, I started noticing Mandy’s daughter is about the same size as Mandy. With that in mind, I decided to go into daughter’s room and take a look at her undies and other “personal things.” What I found almost sent me over the edge! I immediately decided to bring a handful of daughter’s things into mom’s room. Her daughter’s bras were also 32A. The styling was plainer – not sexy or mature – than mom’s. But they were the exact same size. I laid them next to mom’s. Mandy could wear her daughter’s bras. Daughter’s panties said Size 16 on them. They were colorful, fun panties, not sexy at all. I laid a pair on top of mom’s panties and they were almost exactly the same size. Mandy could wear her daughter’s panties if she wanted to. I laid several pairs of daughter’s panties on the bed. Daughter had several pairs of tights in her drawers, some in solid colors, some were very sheer (like pantyhose). The tags on daughter’s tights said 14 – 16 on them. One of the unopened packages was labeled “Girls Sheer Pantyhose.” When I laid them next to mom’s pantyhose, they were not as sheer or shiny, but very similar in size. I think Mandy could squeeze into a pair of her daughter’s tights if she tried. I was about to lose it!
What I found in the bathroom off daughter’s bedroom pushed me beyond the point of no return! Under her sink, daughter had a box of maxi pads, a box of Teen Smart Fit Applicator Tampons size Regular, and a tube of the same brand of lube that was under mom’s sink! I knew daughter had to be using that lube for her tampons. Maybe mom was also? Maybe mom also used it when her husband wanted to be in her tight vag or her butt? I didn’t know. Daughter did not have the kind of tampon you insert with your finger. I compared one of mom’s tampons to one of daugther’s tampons and saw that mom’s was only slightly bigger. It looked like mom and daughter could comfortably share tampons.
Here I was, standing in Mandy’s bedroom with her undies and personal things laid on her bed. Side by side were daughter’s undies and personal things. Even though the style and look of these items were different, they were more or less the same size. When I thought about seeing Mandy wearing one of her daughter’s bras, a pair of her panties, and a pair of her sheer tights, I opened my pants and started to stroke myself right there beside the bed! I didn’t take long! When I felt it coming, I grabbed the closest item to me on the bed and finished in it so I didn’t make a mess all over the bedspread and floor. When it finally stopped, and I grew limp, I looked down to see the huge mess I left in a pair of daughter’s pantyhose.


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  • How bout jizzing in their bras next time?

  • That mess you made, it had to have felt good, especially making it in a pair of Mandy's daughter's tights!

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