Perving grampa

Unfortunately I've recently had to start dancing at a gentleman's bar (a strip joint) for some extra cash,im 25 and saving for a house,at first I thought all I had to do was take my clothes off and dance around a pole until one of the girls told me what goes on in the private rooms at the back,it's seedy I know she said but you earn 10 times more than on stage! I eventually succumbed to it,some of the guys are gross and you've just got to switch off,I was dancing this one night and we all wear little masks on our faces,turns the customers on apparently! I was sliding around the pole when I saw of all people my granddad!! Shit no! He gestures to me to come to him!! There were no other girls to save me!! So over I danced,he put some money in the strap of my thong and asked me for a private showing in one of the booths! He obviously hadn't recognised me! What a situation to be in! Grandad sat down in the booth and waited for me to please him, I started gyrating my bum close to his crotch,thats it sweaty wiggle that ass for me! We also used the booths sometimes for our extra bit on the side! Grandad waved a lot of cash in his hand,make an old man happy and suck on my cock honey! There's £200 here for you, there's extras today sir I said trying to palm him away! Don't give that crap I'm a regular here! He starts unbuttoning his trousers and takes his cock out!! Omg!cmon dear im not your first!!! He yanked my ass and pulled me to him putting my hand on his cock!! That's it stroke it honey!! Was I really wanking my Grandad off!! I could feel his cock getting harder now put it in your mouth sweetheart! I said we weren't supposed to do oral in the booths,just suck it he said pushing my head down to his dick! See that's it my dear take it all! I felt disgusting and dirty as I sucked his cock ,im going to enjoy fucking you! I nearly choked on his cock,get over there and bend over,id sunk to new depths,he pushed my thong to one side and shoved his cock in my pussy!! Ah that's it,look at your young ass mmmm the booths are surrounded by mirror's,I kept my head down as I didn't want to see him fucking me,I spoke to soon,he grabbed my hair and my mask came off! Grandad saw my face in the mirror! Jesus Christ hayley is that you?? You'd have thought he'd stop! Well I suppose he did!! I could feel his load in my pussy aww aww what the fuck are you doing here! I could say the same about you as his cum dripped from my pussy!! What have I done my god!! I tell you what granddad just give me the money and I won't say anything if you don't!! You've got a deal there,he ran out of the booth like an athlete!! Leaving me dripping cum xx

6 months ago


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    • Damn lucky grandad

    • Absolutley, He'll die with a big smile on his face.

      I'm jealous.

    • My wife is chubby and sometimes when we go out she will flash to other guys. The guys love her flashing particularly when she takes off her knickers carrying on flashing. She has even been invited to go to one of the guys flat which ended up with her completely stripping. This in turn ended up with a full gangbang with me just watching which in itself is very exciting!!

    • Hot. Have you fucked in the booths before or since then?

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