Daughter's friend, part 2

OK, well, I went for it. My daughter's friend is 21 and staying with us for a couple weeks. I have always been attracted to this beautiful little creature, but had always kept my urges to myself. Except Today my wife had to take my daughter to the doctor. My daughter's friend stayed in the house and was curled up on the couch watching TV when I got back from running some errands. I sat down next to her and asked how things were going she said fine, we did some small talk she said she had broken up with her boyfriend and was still getting over that, I had actually known about that but didn't say anything. She poured out a lot of stuff about what happened between them and I just listened. When she was done I said you know what I think he's a fool. She kind of smiled and leaned her head on my shoulder and I gave her a hug she said thanks and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I looked at her and leaned in and gave her a little kiss on her lips. When I looked back she didn't pull away so I leaned in and kissed her again this time she was kissing me back I felt her tongue with mine and before I knew it we were making out like teenagers. Within seconds I slid my hand up into her shirt and was feeling her tits, slipping my hand underneath her sports bra she had reached into my shorts and was fondling my quickly-growing cock. After a little bit we stopped kissing and I stood up in front of her and she pulled off my shorts exposing my now rock-hard cock. She got on her knees and proceeded to give me the best blow job I have ever had in my life taking my entire cock in her mouth. it wasn't long before I began to feel myself coming and I told her and she pulled back to where only about half my dick was in her mouth and she was licking the bottom of it with her tongue and I suddenly exploded shooting load after load of my cum deep into her throat it was so amazing!! When she was done I lifted her onto the couch and pulled her tshirt over her head exposing the most beautiful little breasts ive ever seen. She stood up and I started licking and sucking on them then moved down her stomach and slowly pulled down her shorts she was wearing pink bikini panties which I quickly pulled down and stared at her beautiful little snatch. It was nicely trimmed and I kissed my way down to her slit and started licking and sucking on her clit she was so wet and juicy! She sat back on the couch and I pressed my face deep into her pussy, eating her out for all that I was worth. She came once and I kept going getting her to writhe again with another orgasm before I stood up and opened up her lovely legs further. I positioned my now-hard again cock at her pussy and slowly entered her going deeper and deeper into her with each penetration she rolled her head back and moaned as I pounded her over and over before jetting another load of cum deep inside her. By then we were both spent and after a couple minutes agreed we should never reveal our little secret. She went to take a shower and I went into my bedroom and relived the past hour over and over again in my mind. She leaves next week and I wonder if I will have the chance to make love to this amazing young woman again!!!


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  • Never thought it would happen to me , but it did.
    For years this little flirt was always flirting with me taking pleasure in turning me on then it happened she got to close and I planted my lips right on her's and started in kissing her and my cock grew, god did it grow and she soon was rubbing against it pressing herself hard against me and right there in their back yard I started in fucking her making her scream when she had a orgasm and orgasm she had over and over and with each one she clamped tighter on my cock and then she started in shaking again moaning loud and my nuts exploded in herm stream after stream of my cum entered her and she held it in.
    For years I've dreamed of this day and now it's happened and I couldn't get enough of her and started in fucking her again. She wrapped her legs around me holding herself against my cock and after what seemed like forever I filled her pussy again with my cum.
    I was exhausted and so was she, we layed there in each others sweat our bodies entwined and our lips kissing one another and she looked at me our eyes locked on one another's feeling like I didn't want to quit loving this 19 year old and told her so and he answer was no need to worry bout that as she kissed me again and again.

  • That's hot! Young sex is great I had sex with a neighbor girl who was half my age it was great it was like 5 years ago I was 40 she was 18. Too bad she moved away. Her parents never knew but when I see them I kind of smile knowing I did their little girl (twice in their house while they were gone). It's a memory I'll never forget.

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