Co workers secret

Went to a job Happy Hour and met an elder married gorgeous petite lady named Iris. She was very nice and friendly and stated she wanted to chat more next time. A few days later she saw and asked me if I cared to meet her and her friends at the Domain. I agreed and met them all with my friend Jared. As night went on I noticed Iris could not take her eyes off him. As everyone was leaving she whispered something in Jared’s ear that made him smile. After a few drinks with him I asked him what was said. He told me she asked if he wanted to join her for a drink next time to send her a text.
Well I totally forget about when Jared comes to my desk to ask me how well I knew Iris. After a small conversation he tells me he hooked up with her and that she’s the best piece of ass he’s ever had.
I think to myself oh my god she is so fucking perfect. Jared commented that she’s always had a thing for black guys but she was never able to mention to her real jealous husband. Anyways he said she was the best piece of ass he’s had and she wants to keep seening him. Now I cannot stop thinking of Iris get her fix by my friend and his big black cock. I cannot stop hacking off to her

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  • That’s similar to my situation. This Muslim kid came in to our company and we became pretty good friends really quickly A month later, he started fucking my married friend and superviser. Within half a year he was fucking three of the married women in our department and got two of them pregnant.

    He told me everything the entire time, even asked me if I’d want to join in. I was always a bit anxious though, since he told me he’d eventually leave so i wouldn’t be able to handle it after he did.

  • How old is Iris?

  • Hot story

  • Its fun know peoples secrets, I want to know everyones from royalty to anyone so i can use it against them and make them eat dirt.

  • You sound nice.

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