Her friend and co worker

Does anyone have a wife that has nothing but hot friends? I’m talking about friends of course that are married but hot as hell.
Sexy attractive well fit even classy friends.
My wife has a friend named Iris who is a very attractive Hispanic lady. They’ve known each other for many years but Iris seems to just get better with age. No matter where they go she’s always getting hit on. She hides her emotions well.
My wife has told me that Iris has had a few small affairs and knowing this just makes it that much hotter. In other words she is sneaky and her hubby has caught her one time that we know of.
I know it’s wrong and shouldn’t be done or thought of but I just can’t seem to get her off my mind. I know I could never have her but seeing her when I do makes my heart race.Ive even looked at photos of her in most social media and always confirm myself that she is a true beauty.
As for my wife I’ve sorta lost some respect as I seem to think she has been flirty with the guys at her office but no real proof

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  • My wife is the best looking woman I know, she has lots of girlfriends but none can equal her in looks. Its true that some of then are attractive and very sexual and hot but she beats them all. The down side is that all men find her very attractive as well and come on to her all the time. I'm sure that from time to time she has cheated. I have no real proof but there are clues. If I wanted to cheat on my wife, I would not do it with any of her friends, it's to risky. I would pick a married lady whom she did not know. Someone who would want me and want to be with me. There you have it.

  • My wife has a lot of friends but she is hotter than anyone of them. I definitely got a good deal.

  • My wife is an undeniably pretty woman. It would seem because she is like this she draws the same type of friends and since I'm with her they feel at ease with me. We tend to not wear clothes at home, I'm honest with her about it I want to always be able to see her naked. Her friends join us in our hot tub pretty regularly. Clothes come off as well when we are partying I guess so they fit in with us. There isn't one of them I haven't seen naked multiple times. I think they view me as harmless as I said they are at ease with me I don't act a hungry perv.
    Girls want to have a very happy marriage or relationship with no arguing about stuff? Leave your clothes off at home, it's about impossible to argue when your naked and the home takes on a happy aura.

  • Years ago we had secluded backyard pool. Wife and I would go naked. At first friends didn't mind the free show, but some wore suits -- some didn't. Soon the suit couples shed theirs too. Once a nice neighbor walked in on us to borrow our post hole digger. My bare ass wife "hold on Joe, I have to find my flip flops." Then she and Joe go in the garage to find the PH digger. Seemed pretty funny at the time. Guess you had to be there.

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