Road head

When my now husband and I got together in college taking road trips was pretty much the normal thing for us to do. Hiking, camping, sightseeing and of course sex. We did it everywhere and anywhere we could come up with and like most young couples very often.
Well a few years after we married came children, chores and cooking but we always somehow managed to keep up a great sex life on top of all of that other important stuff going on in our lives. Luckily for us we live in the same town as my parents so we could often get little fun weekends here and there to get caught up on life and of course have sex, sex and oh yeah SEX!
I will tell you that of the two of us I am the adventurous one when it comes to sex and keeping it interesting. He has come up with a few things over the years but he will admit in a heart beat that I am much more creative. We dropped off the kids with their grandparents then hit the road for what was going to be about a four hour drive. We were in the car for about fifteen minutes once we were on the expressway and for some reason the urge to give him a blow job popped into my mind. Now mind you I do not have the same flexible skinny body I had before kids and we have a mini van with front bucket seats and a center console with 4 cup holders, storage compartments as you have seen I am sure. So this vehicle was not nearly as convenient for lying down next to him and sucking his cock. I was staring down at it all and trying to figure out how I could make this happen when he looked at me briefly and asked me what I was thinking about.
"I am trying to figure out how to give you road head in this mini van", I told him.
Now unlike me my husband is in the same shape he was in college, lucky me I know, so once I figured out how to hold myself up I would have no problem getting my head between his torso and the steering wheel. I started figuring out a position, I am not a tall woman so I had that working for me at only 5'2" so I finally ended up putting a pillow on the center console, one leg down where my feet would be and the other leg bent and laying on my seat. Left arm folded under me and right arm and hand available to hold his cock. Do you know what the first thing he said to me after I did six yoga moves to get my lips inches from his crotch?
"Honey you used to get naked when you did this before", he said to me.
I told him that I did not want to scare any trunk drivers with my huge white butt glaring at them thru the passenger window.
I got his pants pulled down some and then pulled his best friend thru the hole in his boxers, I love his cock. The shape, color and size are just perfect, I can fit about half of it in my mouth without gagging and it is so wide that I love the way it stretches me both in my mouth and my vajay. He let out a nice moan as I began sucking on him hungrily. He began getting hard quickly and soon that lovely monster was red and had veins popping out. He has a vein across the top that runs mostly sideways to his shaft and when he his going in and out of me if I tilt my hips down I can feel it run across my clit. I am telling you his cock his perfect and I love it.
I went at it for about five minutes then he began to orgasm, I slowed down not wanting to make a mess and sucked him until he was dry. I sat back up after getting things put away and he smiled at me telling me I was his gorgeous and fun loving fantasy woman. I smiled and told him I loved him too then after a few minutes this yellow car drove past us. I told him that I was going to make his day, I told him that during our drive when ever we spotted a yellow car again I would give him more road head. He then smiled at me and said if we see a purple car he wanted me to do it naked. I nodded my head up and down and told him sure why not, it will be fun.
We were about an hour from our destination, I had already given him two more great blow jobs or as he put it when the yellow cars were spotted, road head, road head!!
We were driving thru a city and to my amazement this purple car came right down an entrance ramp and merged right next to us. It was this older car that someone had fixed up with big wheels and chrome everywhere, sat low to the ground and we could hear the sound system thumping along. I looked over at him and he was just smiling from ear to ear chanting naked road head over and over.
I waited until we pretty much cleared the city and then lifted my shirt over my head and took off my bra, he was cheering me on as I took off my stretch pants and panties. I assumed the position and could only imagine what some trucker was going to see thru the window with my leg spread down into the floor area. My husband of course had his hand and fingers exploring in no time and could not get enough of the fact that there were trucks coming up in front of us. I told him not to slow down to much, never know how someone might take it and I did not want to spend my long weekend in jail. I was sucking away on him when I heard this horn blast a few times, I asked him if he was enjoying this and I had to admit that I was getting some turn on from it. I stopped thinking about who was looking and just concentrated on sucking his head so hard he would have a quick orgasm. Between my sucking and the fact that he was excited showing my ass to truckers he came pretty quickly for the forth time in about four hours so I sat back up after I was finished and told him that I had a lot of fun doing that with him. He again told me how amazing I was and that he could not even imagine in his wildest dreams that I would have done that for him. I sat there for a second looking at the truck we were coming up on and told him to slow down when we get next to it. I reclined my seat all the way back and began masturbating and playing with my breasts. We stayed along side him for several minutes and I could see him looking down at me. He opened his window and gave me a thumbs up as I was working my fingers, I had a pretty fast little orgasm myself from all the excitement then began getting my clothes back on before we did something to much and got pulled over. My husband was again amazed at my sexual play and just as I got my clothes back on and I was sitting there feeling quite satisfied another damn yellow car went by on the other side of the expressway. He did not even say anything to me and I stared at him for a moment, he looked over and when our eyes met he told me that he also saw the car but did not think that I could take giving him another road head so he was not even going to mention it. I asked him how much more time we had on the expressway and when he told me about thirty minutes I told him that a promise is a promise.
I sucked on him nice and slowly until we were about a mile from getting off, he told me that our exit was coming up so I stopped and left him hard. He managed to tuck it in and it took us about another thirty minutes to the cabins.
We barely got our bags down on the floor and he stripped me naked and for the next hour or so he licked, sucked and plunged into me. He lasted for a long time and I finally had to suck him off to get him to have another orgasm. We had a great weekend full of sex in lovely places and fun doing other things but mostly we pleasured each other and acted like horny college kids on an adventure.

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  • Used to love road head, but twenty years ago, when I worked as a paramedic, I was responded to an accident that put a stop to that. A car had swerved into the lane of oncoming traffic and had a head on collision. The mans wife was giving him head, and when he came, he lost control of the car. His wife was dead on scene from massive skull trauma, and he was in critical condition. I had to pull his severed penis out of her mouth and put it in a bag on ice, unfortunately, they were not able to reattach it.

  • My wife does the same for me when we travel. I love to see her make the truckers happy!

  • I give my husband road head anytime we’re in the car. I never thought about truckers being able to see!

  • You’re a fun wife. It’s hot when my wife does this for me, it’s such a turn on to get a BJ while driving and fingering her knowing other drivers catch a glimpse of her naked body. She enjoys it as well, she purposely puts her feet up on the dash and fingers her self and says “slow down by that truck” so I drive slowly past trucks and it is a huge turn on for her.

  • Nice! Good story

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