Wife’s new friend

I’m a 56 year old married m wife is 42
I am no longer able to satisfy her like I once did. I discussed with wife that I wanted her to be sexually satisfied. I refuse to take any medicine. It takes a while before I can get semi erect. I went looking for an ad for young men with large thick girth. I found a very young 25 year old white male named Andrew.
Could not believe what I saw so we exchanged photos. I did this all with the stipulation which were me getting to touch him and even play with his cock.
The time finally came when I introduced my wife to Andrew. I told him he was a co worker and I chose him to satisfy her.She had no idea how huge he was only how tall and handsome. When she finally saw his size she was so astounded. She couldn’t put her mouth around it . I had to hold it and touch it. Finally a real mans sized cock for my gorgeous blonde wife.
I was able to eat her out while she sucked him then clean both up. I never knew trying new things could be so exciting. Iris came so many times from Andrew.
All she can think of our next meeting with Andrew. I always knew I admired guys with huge cocks but now I have my gorgeous wife and Andrew cock to thank

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  • I have done the same thing for my wife. She loves huge cocks and is now addicted to big black cock. My wife is 49 and has sex at least 5 times a week with black lovers. We still have sex once a week but now she is so much more open minded. You should let your wife try black. My wife has had many many lovers but she has told me that every black man she has been with is extremely good in bed and all of them have had very large cocks. I've watched and seen the pics and it is amazing the size.

  • Just found out today Andrew was promoted and will be moving to San Antonio which is around 1.2 hours away.
    Both of us are sort of crushed but he said he would visit us a few times a year

  • You've let out the genie. Even if you were to recover your vitality, she'd never be satisfied with your pitiable dicklet. You know this is true...

  • That is so very nice

  • Fantastic

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