Married women/girlfriends

Any married women or girlfriends that want to get pregnant or had done this whith other guys or multimple men and their husband or boyfriend dont know about this ?

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  • When we were married my husband was just not into sex, we had it now and then but it surprised me that he did not seem to like it often. He is highly educated and spends a lot of time working so the combination of no sex and no one around most of the time pushed me to sex with others. I woke up one morning to a strange feeling that I was pregnant and sure enough after a few tests I confirmed it. I made sure that we had sex a few times that week and prayed that he did not keep track of when we did it because I was already seven to eight weeks along.

  • Amaizing good job I like omen like you how old are you ?
    With how many guys did you do it ?
    All the guys cumed in you at once or separately ?

  • Years ago, I knew this woman whose husband was married to a true microdick. He had 3" on his best day.

    I worked on her computer and found out that way that she didn't want a kid that carried his genetic problem. She was posting this on a website. When I gave her back her machine, I talked with her about her system. I also told her how to clear her browser history. She turned beet red when I told her what I'd found.

    I explained that I had a buddy who was very 'blessed' and might be available for this. He was single [didn't marry until mid thirties]. In time, I got to introduce them, and he introduced her to his 10" salami.

    I'm glad I did. I set this up so that they met at my place as he lived in another city at the time, and she didn't dare take him home.. It took a couple of times for her to take the whole thing, but she want absolutely nuts on that thing. She came unglued and brayed and brayed all the world like a donkey.

  • I have had sex with men that my husband doesn't know about. But I don't want to get pregnant.

  • But why you dont want to get pregnant ?
    Cuz your husband will think that he is the father of the baby

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