Work team building weekend

I recently went on a work team building weekend, it was billed as an opportunity to build team relationships and practice working together, we were told it would involve hill walking and camping. I'm an outdoors kinda girl so i thought it would be fun, it was a bit more extreme.
On the coach, names were drawn out of a hat and we were assigned a partner for the weekend. I drew Ian a designer. Ian is a body builder and 6'6, I'm petite and 5'1, so it looked like a fiddle. Ian has a rep amongst us girls as being the office stud.
I didn't realise i would spend all day alone with Ian 'Orienteering' and then have to share a small tent with him. Everyone got drunk around the camp fire and went to bed, in the tent, i was struggling to change in my sleeping bag and kept flashing Ian accidentally, he worried less and was in just boxers in seconds before getting in his sleeping bag.
We talked for a bit, but it felt awkward, then i told him i was cold, i meant i wanted my jumper, but he said snuggle up. I found myself lying on ha chest in my bag, and what a chest! He said if i was still cold we could open the sleeping bags out as blankets and warm up under them. I should have said no but instead i tried to get in with him without showing too much. Feeling his arms round me, and his amazing body made me quite turned on and without realising i was stroking his body.
He put his hand on my bum, and then i just kissed him. As we kissed he got hard, and he was pretty big, i lost control and pulled his shorts off, and he pulled my knickers off. We had unprotected sex in the tent as quietly as possible and fell asleep.
In the morning there was so much guilt on both sides, he has a gf and i have a bf, how did we let it happen

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  • It happened again, we had a quiet morning today, so we hit the hotel bar last night. Me and him were the last one standing. When we gave in and went up to bed i was very drunk so he helped me. He insisted on helping me too my room, when we got in i collapsed face down on the bed. Next thing i know, my skirts up and he's pulling my knickers down, just enough to get them out the way. I hear his belt and his trousers come down, then feel his hands on my hips an he is in me.
    He really fucked me hard, and he's big so i really felt it.
    I must have fallen asleep after because i woke up face down still, knickers just below my bum and all his cum was running out of me and being caught in the crotch of my knickers.
    I readied for bed, took painkillers and went back to sleep. This morning i knocked on his door, gave him a massive slap and pushed him in to the room, i kept pushing till he was on the bed, i mounted him and rid him hard, slapping, pinching and biting him in revenge for rough fucking me without consent. We both came, i really enjoyed it.
    I am now sat in a meeting, listening to a presentation and my vagina is so sore from the pummelling it's taken, but i still feel horny.
    I feel like such a bad naughty girl

  • You better be aware you are becoming his conference slut, but you like that don't you ?

  • Maybe ;)

  • Yeah, baby!! So hot and good for you!

  • Just found out our company is sending a team to go and work with a new client for a few days, as part of an accelerated project start up. I have been asked to go, but guess who else is on the list. At least for this I'm sure we will all get our own hotel rooms.

  • I would fuck him every chance I got.

  • Your lucky somehow I don't think you will be sleeping alone, get on the birth control pill real quick then you can fuck with him all the time.

  • Let's see what happens next week. I'm not planning on cheating.

  • Get on the pill so next time you go camping with him you can both root yourselves silly

  • I think some of the organisers want to share with a usual root so they can get away for a weekend and cheat together, they would love knowing other employees are doing the same.

  • Similar thing happened with me. I'm a newly qualified teacher, and being keen on the outdoors, i volunteered to help on the weekend trip to the outdoor pursuits centre (rafting, orienteering etc). Anyway, boys in one dorm, girls in another, and teachers in twin rooms. I was the only female teacher, so i was in with a male colleague. I had assumed i would get my own room, and being hot i packed a baby doll nighty. I changed in the bathroom, and when i came out, Steve was there in just is briefs. Steve is dull and 10 years older than me, so never expected to see such a hot body, and i doubt he was expecting the baby doll (which didn't cover my bum, and showed alot of cleavage). He stared mouth open and i was the same.
    I then got shy, apologised for my attire and folded my arms to cover my boobs. He said 'don't worry, what happens at camp stays at camp' i smiled at him and he put his fingers in the waistband of is briefs, i nodded and they came down. My bf is in the navy so it had been a while since I'd seen a naked man, and my 'needs' were killing me (let's be fair our vibrating little friends are just not the same) Anyway, i followed his lead and dropped my knickers, then climbed on top of him with the baby doll still on.
    It was blessed relief as i slid down on to his cock ( you just can't beat the feeling of a man inside you). I rode him hard apparently, even digging my nails in to his chest, i don't remember i was wild with passion. I know it was a quick orgasm for me (i needed it) and he followed soon after. Whole thing maybe 5 mins lol totally crazy.

  • Fucking hot!

  • Thanks, for sharing, sound quite common that men are happy to be in their pants around strange girls, and that we seem to go all weak for a almost naked man! Lol

  • This is funny, I was in a similar situation after my husband got called out for work on the week end of my son's cub scout camping trip. Not wanting to I went with my son. I'm not really out doorsy but thought I would make the best of it , its only one weekend. Friday night my son wants his friend to sleep in our tent , I told him know he had to stay in his tent because there wasn't room for three of us in ours. Saturday night came and again the two boys want to sleep in one tent. The other boys's father finally said if it was ok with me we could share a tent so they could be in a tent together. I wasn't really thinking about it when I said ok. That night we hung out late by the fire and everyone started drifting off to their tents, It was awkward getting into my tent with another man, it was even more awkward when he just took off his shorts and shirt laying on top of his sleeping bag saying it was to hot in his bag. So here I am married in a tent with a nearly naked married man removing my bra from under my t shirts and laying on my bag. He looks over and asked if I was sleeping in my jeans ,kind of laughing. Feeling a bit embarrassed I slipped them off. It was a mistake. I woke to him spooning me and could feel he was hard. I whispered to him asking if he was away, he whispered "barely" I told him he needed to watch that thing and kind of wiggle my butt against it. He apologized saying he though he was with his wife. I could tell as his hand was place on my breast which he was still holding. I have never cheated on my husband but at that moment I let slip " do you need help with it?"Thinking I would give him a hand job. He had other ideas and in a few seconds my panties were off and he was sliding into me from behind.

  • Fucking yes!!

  • Hey, that's really hot, was it awkward in the morning for you also? Have you volunteered for scout camp since?

  • It was awkward when I first woke up with my head on his chest realizing I was still naked from the waste down with him still completely naked. I had to wake him up to get dressed because I could hear the kids in the next tent talking. It would have been big trouble if our sons opened our tent. My husband is the camper so there would be questions if I volunteered to go and leave him at home. Its a nice memory though.

  • Keep thinking of his body, I'm a bad girl ;)

  • What? What kind of company forces opposite sex co workers to sleep in the same space?

    Apart from that, I would have fucked him in the morning, too. You already sinned, go for seconds.

  • Ha ha, we felt too guilty and awkward. I don't think it was meant to be opposite sexes together, but the organisers provided the tents and let the company decide who used them. Management passed on the job and somone decided having all friends together wouldn't build a team and went for picking out a hat. I kinda wish we had gone for morning sex like you said,once you've cheated you may as well make the most of it, and couldn't say i wasn't horny, just awkward

  • Sounds like instincts. Don't let it get to you, but at the same time, try to avoid circumstances like that.

  • Exactly

  • I really just couldn't hold back, but i feel guilty now, amazing sex though ;)

  • Bet you would change your tune if your pregnant girl ?

  • Thank fuck I'm not

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