Fishing trip

My husband invited me to go fishing with him and a friend of ours, would be a weekend thing sleeping in a tent, he has never ask me before. If this his his way of trying to get me to fuck both he and his buddy I will shock them and say i had rather fuck than fish and I had rather suck a cock than fuck. I like the thought of a tent.

3 months ago


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    • My wife read this and said she didn't want to fish but spending two nights in a tent with two guys sounded great I am going to try to follow up on this/

    • Hope you got to have some hot sex out in the woods. My wife was never a tent kind of girl but when we were younger we'd bought a 28' trailer and put it at a campground about 50 miles away that we used as a getaway. So it was a great spot to get some peace & quiet as well as for my exhabitionest wife to expose herself.
      There were lots of guys passing thru who'd be up for a threesome with my then 20 something yo wife who was a stunning redhead at 5-8, 110lbs and curvy 34D-24-35 so she got lots of attention and especially in a bikini or her cut off's that left little to the imagination. But our best experience came one night when there were six guys staying in a tent next to us they looked to all be between 16 & 19. We'd noticed them checking Lynn out when we were cooking on the grill and of course that turned Lynn on.

      When the storm came those guys tent started falling down. We went down and helped them put away small things in their car and offered to let them come to our trailer until it blew over. She handed out towels and went into the bedroom and took off her wet cloths.

      She put on an outfit you could see right thru it and she might as well be naked. I suggested watching a movie on the VCR but said all I had was porn. So I act like I'm just getting a random tape in and it just happened to be a girl being gangbanged. After I while I say didn't you say once you'd like to try that? And I say hey what would be better than guys you'll never see again. She gets a sexy grin and says well if they want to give it a try.
      Then they take turns fucking her as she's sucking others Then she suggest something from the movie and has one guy in her pussy another in her ass as she sucks a couple more off and they keep swapping places until they all had taken turns fucking every hole and she asks them to all cum on her tits & face.

    • My wife and I sometimes go fishing/camping with friends of ours. They own and lot by the lake and have a trailer set up. We're not swingers or anything, but there hasn't been a time when we haven't been fucking a good portion of the weekend and sharing our spouses.

    • When we were dating my wife and I went camping with one small tent. There were two guys also camping that we talked with around a camp fire. They didn't have a tent so were just sleeping on the ground. After we went to bed it started raining. My girlfriend said that we should ask them if they wanted to sleep in the tent with us. I called out to the guys and they came over. They were soaked and my girlfriend told them to take off their wet clothes and now they were naked in our small tent. We were also naked since it had been hot in the tent. So we all laid down and I was on one side of my girlfriend and the two guys were on the other. I fell asleep and woke up and saw that one guy was fucking my girlfriend and the other had his dick in her mouth. Then they both came in her, one inside her and one in her mouth. My girlfriend saw that I was awake and told me to kiss her. I kissed her knowing that she had cum in her mouth and I moved so that I could fuck her. After I finished, the guy that had come in her mouth moved between her legs and he fucked her. I didn't get any more sleep since I watched my girlfriend get fucked twice more and I fucked her again. I loved the feeling of fucking her loose slippery cunt filled with the other guy's come. I decided that night that I wanted her to be my wife.

    • Go for it. No problem if you have fun with another cock as long as your husband is OK with it. You definitely not a slut. My wife loves cock so I let her fuck others only if I can watch. Has been the best 15 years of our marriage.

    • Maybe he is planning to use you for fish bait.

    • Maybe queer bait, I've been queer bait many times, had my dick sucked down in the park several times

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