Prior boss was great

I worked at a small firm about five years ago and my boss was great with allowing me to be really flexible. I was a single mom at the time and my youngest was not in school yet so my days would not always go as planned. He never complained at all and was always supportive whenever something came up and I had to work from home. I was always worried about losing my job and he always told me not to worry about it as long as my work was getting done.
I was actually having a really great day on a Friday and looking forward to the weekend, my kids were already with grandma and staying all weekend, I had a zillion things to get caught up on at home so I was working until I had this brief finished. I was proof reading it and for some reason I looked up at my boss in his office, he was on the phone, I looked around and it appeared that I was the only one still here. I kept proof reading but for some reason my thoughts were elsewhere, I started imagining myself walking into his office and kneeling down in front of him.
I finished up the proof reading and sent him the completed brief, I stood up to collect my things but I started looking around again and it was quiet. I walked towards his office and could hear him talking to someone, it sounded more like a friendly conversation than business. He waived to me like he was asking me to come into his office, my mind was already doing that and I walked inside and closed the door behind me. It was like I was having an out of body experience as I came around to the side of his desk, he was sitting in his chair turned sideways to it and I just knelt right down while looking up at him. He had a blank look on is face and he just watched me as I slid my hands up to the top of his pants and began undoing his belt and opened them up. He told whoever was on the phone that he had to go because someone was waiting for him.
He hung up but did not say anything to me, I was pulling down his pants and I looked up at him and told him that this is for always letting me do what I need to do for my kids. I sucked his cock hard, he was moaning out and thrusting his hips forward sliding practically out of his chair. He came in a really short time and I was actually very surprised that it was all over in like three minutes. He was sitting there looking down at me and told me that was the best BJ he had received in years. I told him that I was very appreciative of way he let me work and he asked me what I was doing for dinner. I told him that I already had plans and we were not going to go on a date.
While I worked there I think I did that about eight times and he always loved it and while it did change our working relationship I never thought of it as a way to control him. He even commented one time that it seemed like my youngest was doing better because it had been like three weeks and no days of working from home for me. So I think he tried a few times to ask me out but I just did not want that from him, he was like twenty years older than me so I just kept it as me pleasuring him on occassion.


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  • Very nice of you sweetheart

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  • That's sweet of you two

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