Back together

After being married for six years. My husband and I started fighting about the stupidest stuff. Wednesday night he told me that he was going to his parents house for the weekend,to collect his thoughts and feelings. I was hoping he would have been just going period. I found myself all alone and bored by Friday night. I decided to go for a drive and just think. I ended up at a bar around 30 minutes from our town. Just sitting having a cocktail when a man just started talking to me. I was apprehensive about talking and or anything with him , but he seemed harmless. After a few more cocktails I was feeling pretty well buzzed and said that I needed to get a room for the night because I didn't want to drive. He dropped me off at a hotel just a few blocks away. It was around 5 minutes later when he knocked on the door , when I opened it he said that he thought I was very attractive and asked if I wanted some company. I didn't say anything but I did step aside so that he could come in. It wasn't long before we were kissing and touching each other. He had me mostly undressed when he stood up and pulled his pants and underwear down. I can remember saying oh my God as I reached out for his dick. I looked up at him and said that I had never seen one that big before. I started with trying to give him head , but I wasn't able to make him cum. So then we were doing some 69 . He then got on top of me and I felt like it was splitting me in half and the way he could work it was fantastic. After I had multiple orgasms he pulled out and came all over my body. I was thinking so far so fucken good right ? We wiped off and got under the covers to go to sleep. He was behind me I could feel his thing growing against my ass. He whispered how beautiful I was and how he had always wanted to try anal sex with someone. I didn't say anything as he started getting more and more excited and pushing his head towards my ass. I felt it barely start going in and it was definitely burning and hurting. Then swoosh he slid it up me and slowly started on. Soon we were both. yelling and screaming as he f'd me in the ass. He drove me to my car in the morning and I went home. That afternoon my husband came home early and said what a huge mistake he had made and that he couldn't live without me. I agreed to try it again but I said maybe we should just have a night or two away from each other once a month. I'm hoping to meet with the other guy again. I don't even remember his name.

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  • Good Job do you thint to let your lover get you pregnant ?cuz you can cover your baby with your husband

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