Cheating With My Neighbor - Chapters 5 & 6

Chapter 5 – Naughty Time Continue

It was six that morning.
I woke up when I heard “I want to fuck you” being whispered in my ear. “Be my bitch.”
I saw Jazmin standing by the Futon. She was still naked but had on a strap-on with a small cock. It was a purple cock. “What’s going on?” I asked while I sat up.
“I’m going to fuck you,” said Jazmin.
“With that?”
“Yes, it’s called pegging. This is a beginner one and comes with a vibrator for my pleasure.”
“Did you buy that the other day?”
“No. I had it for years. My husband wouldn’t let me use it on him, so I thought you would.”
“It’s never been up to your husband’s ass?”
“No, you’ll break it in.”
I thought about it for a second. I previously watched those pegging videos on the Internet and thought it was hot. “Okay.”
“Get on your knees in front of me,” she said.
I knew what she wanted and obeyed. I dropped to my knees and started sucking on that plastic cock.
“Nice, Gary. You’re a good cocksucker,” she said, watching my head bob up and down on her cock.
After a few minutes of sucking on her cock, I stood up. “I’m ready to be fucked,” I said.
“Alright,” replied Jazmin with a smile. The opened up a tube of lube and lubed up the purple cock. She then lubed up my asshole.
I got on my back on the Futon.
Jazmin turned on the strap-on vibrator then got on top of me. I helped guide the tip of that purple cock to my waiting asshole.
Jazmin slowly pushed, and the cock went inside my asshole. About an inch.
“Your hole feels good,” said Jazmin role-playing.
“Yes, baby, feels good. And I want to be your whore,” I said while she slipped that cock deeper into my asshole. “Oh fuck, it hurts a little,” I said, changing my tune.
“Just like it when a guy fucks a virgin. It hurts at first, but you’ll soon like it,” Jazmin said and pushed that cock all the way into my asshole. She didn’t move.
After a few seconds, the pain subsided. “Fuck me, Jazmin. Fuck your nasty whore,” I said.
“Yes,” said Jazmin, and she started pumping my asshole.
“Fuck me, Jazmin. Fuck me,” I whispered in her ear when she rested her head by my head.
Jazmin pumped me, and I could hear that vibrator.
“Oh God, this feels good. Feels so fucking good,” moaned Jazmin while that vibrator was working on her clit. “Yes, fucking yes!”
My asshole was being stretched, and I loved the feeling of being fucked in the ass. “FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY ASS!” I yelled out.
Jazmin was puffing while she was humping me.
I wrapped my legs around her waist.
“You’re my bitch. You’re my bitch,” Jazmin said over and over again.
Jazmin was out of breath, and I could sense it was time.
“I’m cumming!” yelled out, Jazmin. “AHHH!” she yelled out and shoved that cock all the way into my asshole during her orgasm.
Her orgasm subsided. She pulled that cock out of my asshole. “That was great. We’ll have to do it again,” she said while she sat down on the Futon.
I sat on the Futon. “Actually, I enjoyed that. You can fuck my ass anytime you want,” I said.
Jazmin leaned over and kissed me on the lips.
We finished kissing.
I got off the Futon and stood by it. “Suck my cock,” I demanded. “Get on your knees.”
Jazmin smiled. “On my knees like your obedient bitch,” she said.
She got off the Futon and dropped to her knees in front of me.
Jazmin immediately put my cock into her mouth. Then she surprised me by reaching around and sliding the middle finger of her right and into my asshole. She began finger fucking my ass while she sucked on my cock.
“God, you’re a great cocksucker,” I said.
Jazmin continued to suck my cock while she finger fucked my asshole.
Maybe having her finger in my ass that made me want to cum earlier than usual. “I’m cumming, Jazmin. I’m going to cum in your mouth,” I said.
Jazmin formed a tight seal with her mouth around the head of my cock. I knew she was ready. “Ahh!” I said and let my cock empty loads of my cum into Jazmin’s mouth.
Jazmin got off her knees when I was finished.
We did our standard kissing when she had cum in her mouth.
We got dressed. I wore my tee-shirt and shorts while Jazmin wore my dress shirt and panties.
We spent the rest of the day and that evening relaxing and taking naps.
We took a shower and thenwent to bed in the nude again.

Chapter 6 – The End For Now

It was seven in the morning and we slept in late.
Jazmin slept on her stomach.
I of course woke up horny. I slowly removed the covers off her body.
I stared at the sight of her sexy ass cheeks. I got a morning woody.
I leaned in and ran the tip of my tongue up and down the crack of her ass. Jazmin stirred.
I dug my tongue deeper into the crack of her ass finding her asshole. I licked all around her asshole. Jazmin stirred.
“Mmm, I love having my asshole licked in the morning,” she said in a sleepy tone as this woke her up.
I moved away from her ass crack and took the tube of lube from last night. I opened it and lubed my middle finger.
I rubbed my middle finger up on her asshole.
“Are you going to finger fuck my asshole?”
“Yes,” I replied.
I took the tube of lube and squirted a little on her asshole.
I placed the tip of my finger against her pucked butthole. I pressed the tip against the hole. It slipped inside. I pushed harder and it went in to my first knuckle.
“Mmm,” said Jazmin.
I pressed harder and my finger slipped all the way in her asshole. I moved my finger in and out of Jazmin’s asshole.
“Feels good. First time I had my asshole finger fucked,” moaned Jazmin.
I finger fucked her asshole for a few minutes then I got on my back.
“Get on top of me,” I said.
Jazmin got up and straddled me in a cowboy position.
She reached underneath me and guided my cock into her pussy. She was so wet!
Jazmin began to ride my cock with her tits bouncing around.
I reached up and fondled her nipples while she rode me.
Jazmin was moaning while bounced up and down on my cock with her hair flopping around.
“Oh yes, feels good. I love your cock. Feels good,” she said.
“Yes, I love your pussy,” I said.
Jazmin continued to ride my cock for a couple of minutes.
During this time I leaned up and took turns sucking on her erect nipples.
“I’m cumming! I’m going to cum,” she yelled out and pressed her asscheeks against my crotch. “AAAAHHHH!” she screamed having an orgasm.
“I’m cumming also,” I yelled out and began dumping loads of cum into her pussy.
We were out of breath after our orgasms subsided.
Jazmin pulled my cock out of her pussy.
She straddled over my chest. I watched my my cum oozed out of her cunt.
Jazmin proceeded to lick my cum off my chest leaving some on her lips.
We kissed for a minute.
Jazmin and I then ate breakfast and relaxed for the rest of the morning. We stayed naked.
But after lunch we knew this sex adventure had to end for now.
Jazmin left and went back home.

Epilogue – The Rest of the Story

Jazmin and I agreed never to email, text or call each other. We only set up times to meet in person.

A year passed and things changed. Henry and Jazmin got a divorce. It appeared that all this traveling had Henry being with another woman.
I also got a divorce from Ashley. Her traveling also had her in the bed with another man.
But that was great because six months later, Jazmin and I got married.
We agreed to have a life full of sexual adventures.

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  • Very erotic ! Hope chapters 3 and 4 are forth-cumming, or, will be in the box set.

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