Older bf likes me to wear school uniform, is this ok?

I have been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now, and i adore him, but i worry about our age gap and his obsession with school uniform. We got together when i was 15 and he was 22, it's was a secret relationship as my parents would go mad if they new his age. He would meet me in secret after school etc. I wore a uniform to school till i was 16 and he would see me in it lot. I di not have to wear it now, but he seems obsessed with it.
My parents know about him now, but i told them he is 19 (actually 24), and whilst they disapprove they live with it, although they still think I'm a virgin lol.
I go to my bf's house quite alot, and have stayed there when supposedly at friends, when i go he always asks me to bring my old uniform, even arrive in it if i can, and he likes to have sex with me in it.
Me in school uniform, no knickers and clean shaved down there seems to blow his mind, and whilst i love to see him happy i cant help but think all he wants is a school girl, not me. Any thoughts? Any similar experience?


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  • That's so hot. If he wanted a 'real' school girl, there is nothing stopping him getting one, (even though it's illegal if she's under 16) but he has chosen you to fulfill his fantasy and you do it to make him happy. It only seems happy that he should reciprocate and dress up to fulfill one of your kinky fantasies (assuming you are not so dull and boring, that you have none to share)

  • Nothing wrong with a little role playing. My wife had to wear a uniform for the school she went to. I used to pick her up from school sometime and fuck the shit out of her in my F-150. When I met her she was 15 and I was 26. I met her and her girl friend at a local mall. The girl friend asked me how old I was and I told her 26. The girl friend said she was 19. I figured the wife was the same age. Wrong the GF lied about her age so I would ask her out she really was 17. Well I did ask the GF out fucked her on the first date. She asked if I wanted to see her again and I said sure. I will call you next time I am off. Well that didn't happen I was not into her. The wife called me to see why I did not call the GF. I told her I was not into her I really wanted to go out with you. Two hours later we were on our first date. No pussy on the first date, none on the second. Finally one day I picked her up after school and we made out like two people that never had sex. I went to pull her panties down and she stopped me. I said what's up. She said she was a 15 year old virgin and she was afraid to have sex. My dick was so damm hard I needed it bad. Finally she let me pull those panties down and I fucked her. Yep in the school uniform I nailed a virgin. So now you know why I want the wife to slip into that old school uniform. And the age factor it did not make a difference to us we are still together. I am 39 now and she is 28.

  • Ex boyfriend liked the school girl look, it made our sex more intense!

  • Our favourite is a white PVC nurses outfit with white stockings, suspenders heels but without panties my husband loves me very bushy so I colour my hair and pussy a thick dark brown and use indelible bright pink ink on my labia, then it is the French maids outfit plastic smokey virtually see through.

  • My husband really gets very cranky if I don't want to put on one of my outfits school girl, French maid Satin or PVC, catsuit leather or latex, posing bikini or secretary he really wants me dressed almost all the time even if a couple of his friends come over to watch the ball game and a BBQ then mostly he wants French maid without panties, I like it and feel very sexy showing my bare bum on purpose.

  • Dressing up is just so great I am a male and adore putting on panties suspenders, stockings, heels, French maids outfit or catsuit, having my wife make me up and put on a wig most every day.
    I am straight and we keep it to ourselves it certainly enhances our sex life.

  • It's not him dressing up it's me. I'm guessing you like the schoolgirl look on girls more than on yourself?

  • I am going to get a school girl outfit to wear for my wife one with a mini skirt probably in tartan with a midrift style bra, white long socks and school shoes, I will need a new wig with pigtails and a few freckles when my wife makes me up, I am getting very horny thinking about it, probably have to get some cotton white panties to match.

  • I kinda feel i only have sex in school uniform now. He likes to bend me over something pull up my skirt, pull my knickers down and do me from behind. He tells me how much he loves my "tight smooth peach". I'm really worried he might be in to young girls.
    He also asked me to wear my old dance leotard nearly all day, he was so horny and couldn't stop talking about sex (we did it 4 times)

  • Make him wear the school girl outfit... make him your BITCH

  • When I first started dating my wife se had to wear that school girl skirt amd she had a bald pussy I used tofill that pussy with cum

  • Ha ha, no way it would fit. I have a tiny waist, and kinda petite.

  • Yep just a quick fantasy for now,then he’ll get bored and find another young and tender to fuck the shit out of and you’ll be pushed to the curb.... enjoy

  • That's my fear, but no need to be so harsh :(

  • I think a lot of guys like that look , My wife dressed has a school girl when she was working in a shoe shop promoting school shoes , I think she went over the
    top because of how high her shoes was and how short her skirt was , Thou I told her she looked decent I lied she looked dirty , She told me the same guys kept popping in getting her to go up the ladder to get shoes while standing behind her , One held on to her legs when she came down the ladder pushing her skirt up exposing her knickers , She said that She never had so much attention before , must be the uniform ?

  • Yes it's OK and it's OK for his friends to fuck you if he wants.

  • It’s not statange, that’s hot as fuck

  • To me it sounds like he has a strong school girl uniform fetish.

    Think of it as dress up... you can ask him to wear something like a security uniform or mechanic's overalls for you. What is your fantasy?

    You can indulge his fantasy if he indulges yours.

  • I like the James bond look, strong but sophisticated, he has a dinner jacket somewhere, maybe i will make him wear it. Thanks for the advice.

  • I like your boyfriend's taste I like same to in pe knickers or leotard I live in Wales

  • He loves me in a bikini for sure, but i also have a leotard, even a tutu, but the leotard is so tight, it was from when i did ballet, which i stopped when i was 13. He loves that it gives me a toe. (his word)

  • Hmm. You may be right. Try to wean him off maybe. Or find something else he likes to distract him with so he puts the schoolgirl thing on the back burner

  • Good idea. Any suggestions, something more grown up?

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