I cheated on my boyfriend with my dominant ex

I'm in a happy relationship with my husband but he was a bit too vanilla. Once in a while I found myself craving for the kind of weird things my ex used to "force" me to do. I have neither interest nor love in him. Just want him to use me like in the old days.

In our country, high school girls must wear a uniform of a long fitted dress and a pants, the entire outfit is made from thin fabric (seriously, what does the old men think coming up with this rule? It's like the whole nation is pervert). Usually the girls wear some layers (bra, cami, etc.) underneath to make sure the uniform won't reveal anything.

So I was in high school and usually rode to my ex's house on a bike at noon, after school. He asked me to wear nothing underneath my uniform, not even an underwear or a bra. My titties clearly showed through the thin white fabric, especially under the bright light of high noon. When it rained, the uniform got so wet that it was almost transparent and stuck to my skin. Everyone could see my whole body, my hard nipples, my pussy, my butts riding a damn bike. Even though there were few people on the road at noon, once in a while I could feel someone tailgating me or spot an old guy staring at me. It made me so horny. Like the whole street was admiring my teenage body seen through a thin layer of fabric.

When I arrived at my ex's house, he would ask me about my ride. Did I get horny? Did anyone see me? Did any guy approach me and talk to me? If he found the answers interesting, he would award me with some fantastic sex I was fucking craving for. Sometimes he fucked me in his living room with the windows wide open so anyone passing by could see us. I would moan so loud on purpose to increase the chance. Some other times, he fucked me while phoning another girl. The conversations between them were casual (maybe with a little hint of flirting, but not too straight). Once he asked a girl to go out and have a coffee with him while fucking me hard in my pussy. Listening to him saying the girl's name and asking her out turned me on so hard. (Just to be clear, I was not a side chick. Everyone knows we were dating.)

Once in a while we hung out with his friends and he usually asked me to not wear any thing underneath, even when I was wearing a skirt. At first I was nervous and confused. Why would he want his friends to see my body? Wouldn't he get jealous? But I followed his orders anyway. He always tried to squeeze my boob or finger my pussy if the situation allowed. After a party, we usually had sex in front of his drunken blackout friends. When I asked him what if the guys woke up and caught us, he simply said, "You have a nice body, let these boys enjoy the show."

I hadn't known if any of them spotted anything until I met one of those guys years later (while I was dating my current boyfriend) and asked him. He told me they suspected but never confirmed. After my confession, we had sex. Somehow my ex knew about it, called and asked me for a threesome with him and that guy. Even I didn't love him anymore, the moment he asked me, I immediately turned into his little slave again and my sex drive plummeted. I became even sluttier than I was back in high school. I put on a trench coat, again wore nothing underneath, not even a shirt. On the taxi, I sat in the front rear seat, halfly expose my boobs and let the driver finger my pussy.

After that, I had the craziest sex of my life with my ex and his friend.

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  • So fucking hot! Especially you getting fucked while he was on the phone. I’ve always wanted to date a girl who would secretly have a guy over who would be fucking her or getting their dick sucked and cumming on her while we’re talking. Or to randomly text me asking “Guess what I did tonight?” and then send me a pic of her getting fucked or with a dick in her mouth or cum all over her face.

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