Describe your school uniform

Wanna hear what your school uniform looked like and all the dirty things you used to get up to with it all still on. For example I used to fuck with my shirt tie trousers blazer on just hard cock out fly/zip on school trousers. With girl in full uniform just skirt hiked up.

3 months ago

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    • Some years ago now, when I was a 13 year old schoolgirl, I gave a boy that I fancied a wank behind the bushes at the side of the playing fields. Unfortunately when he came it shot over my skirt, which was black, so the cum left a stain that wouldn't wipe out properly. I just told others that I'd spilt some food. I told my mum the same thing and she didn't say anything so she must have believed me.

    • Cum leaves a bit of a smell, so even after wiping it off she would have found out if she suspected you. If she started telling you to 'be careful' then it's certain that she knew. After all, she was a schoolgirl once!

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