The adult theater

Sitting in the theater, my pants unbuttoned, unzipped and open. You can see my red panties, and my red garter straps leading to my stockings, as I rub on my cock. A guy sits down a few seats away from me and starts rubbing himself, he quickly pulls a nice semi hard dick out of his pants. I lower the seat next to me and invite him over. He slides over with his dick still out. I start stroking him as soon as he sits down. As I feel his cock growing in my hand he asks me if I would suck his dick, I don’t even answer, I lean over and kiss his dick head. I spread my lips and hungrily take his cock into my mouth. I start sucking and licking his dick. He puts his hands on my head and guides me as I enjoy his dick. He’s telling me how I must be a real slut to come here to suck cock, saying how I probably would enjoy a nice hard dick in my ass as much as in my mouth. He pulls my head off of his dick and has me answer him, and I agree that I enjoy having a nice hard dick in my ass also, I tell him I want as many cocks inside of me tonight as I can get. He guides my head back down to his dick and starts fucking my face. He tells me he is going to cum on my face, then empty his load down my throat, saying I can’t clean the cum off of my face. If I do what he says he will send me plenty of hard dicks to fuck and suck. He pulls me off of his dick and shoots a stream of cum all over my face, then he guides my waiting mouth back to his dick and I eagerly suck every last drop of cum out of him. He tells me if I do what he tells me to do that he will give me more hard cocks to fuck and suck than I’ve ever had. I agree to do what he tells me to do. He has me remove my pants, leaving my in my panties, garter and stockings. Then he leads me through the theater to the private viewing booths. He stops in front of a man and asks him if he would fuck me like the cheap slut that I am, he agrees to. We enter the booth and he says to leave the door open so anyone can watch. I get on my knees and start sucking to get the mans cock hard as he tells me to remove my panties. As I feel the cock swelling in my mouth as it gets hard my hand is guided to a dick sticking through a glory hole. I stroke it a couple of times and have the cock pulled out of my mouth. I am turned to suck the glory hole cock as the man in my booth starts pressing his dick against my ass. As he enters my ass he keeps pushing until he is buried balls deep inside of me. I can’t say anything since he has me pushed against the wall with a cock filling my mouth and in my throat. All I can do is moan as he fills my ass with cock. As he begins to slide in and out of my ass the sensations of having two hard dicks inside of me at the same time starts taking over. I quickly find myself enjoying the feeling of having the hard cock shoved deeply in my ass, trying to meet his thrusts with my own, wanting it to fill my up. Having the dick fucking my mouth at the same time was more pleasurable than I imagined. I felt cum being shot down my throat as my ass was being pounded by hard cock. It was hard to concentrate on sucking every drop of cum out of the cock as my ass was pounded. The cock was removed from my mouth and quickly replaced by another as I felt the guy burying his cuck deep inside of me, holding my hips as he emptied his seed deep inside of me. I felt his cock as he shot stream after stream of cum inside of my ass. He kept me pulled close against him until I felt his dick start to shrink inside of me. I don’t remember how many men shot their loads of thick hot cum inside of my body that night. Swallowing it, having it sprayed on my face, shot deep inside of my ass. My ass was so full it started leaking down my legs.


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  • The same happened to me and I guess I went looking and I got it litterly. First time I have been doubled one in my pussy one in my ass and my pussy got twice the cum as my ass did for he was kind skinny and didn't get very deep. Later tho got two big thick Blacks several times over and had a lone waiting to get into me. Think I took 14 that night before I got sore from the thickest cock I've ever seen.

  • Wish this would happen to me. Any advice on how to experience this level of fun?

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