How I became Bisexual!

My wife and I are both white and in our 50s. We recently hire a financial adviser to help with our retirement plan. Kevin is 25 very polite, well spoken, very good looking young black man. Over a period of six months we had met with him a few times and I noticed he would really flirt with my wife, and she would eat it up. Getting the attention of this young man would turn her on too. Every time he would leave she would want to fuck! He was one of those people that like to touch you while he talked too. He had even put his hand on my thigh a few times, which caught me off guard at first. I just blew it off, thinking it was just a thing with him. One day I had some maintenance that needed to be done on my Truck, so I dropped it off and took an Uber home. I was a couple of hours early. I went in the house and into my office and was going to work on a few things from home. I was there about 30 minutes when I heard the door open. It was my wife and she had Keven with her. She didn’t tell me that he was coming over that day, so I turned the light off in my office and waited to see what would happen. I could clearly see them in the Den from my vantage point. I listened as they talked. Kevin said he had asked to meet with her alone, because he wanted to tell her that he thought she was very sexy and he had noticed her enjoying him flirting with her, and wanted to see if she would like to make love to him! Not have sex! Make love! My wife was shocked at first I think. She then admitted that she had been turned on by him and was very flattered at the offer, but she was happily married and couldn’t take him up on his offer. He apologized telling her it was stupid of him, and that he hoped it wouldn’t hurt his chances of keeping our business, and got up to leave. As he was walking to the door, my wife called to him and said Kevin I’m sorry but I just can’t pass up this chance to be with you. I may hate myself later, but please take me if you really want to! After that it was like a blur! Clothes flying everywhere as they hurried to get to each other. She went down on him first, and I got my first look at his cock. He wasn’t huge, maybe 7 or so inches but he was nice and thick and uncut. A little bigger than me. I had watched some interracial porn and somewhat fascinated by black cocks. All I knew is that he had a nice one! By now I have my cock out and am working up a nice rhythm. He then pulls her up and sits her down on the sofa and goes down on her. She is so hot for him that she climaxes almost immediately and says she wants his cock in her. She lays back on the sofa and he mounts her and starts fucking her hard and fast. She is loving every second of it and is orgasming every few minutes as he is steadily pounding her over and over. I hear him ask if he can cum in her, to which she just starts panting please over and over again. He finally locks up and starts shooting his load in her and she shudders and shakes and has the biggest orgasm I have ever seen her have. I shot my load all over my desk and watched as we all came down from this experience. They kissed and my wife thanked him for some of the best sex she had ever had. I had watched this whole thing unfold and could have easily stopped them, but I was so turned on by it I felt guilty myself. I decided not to confront them for now, so when they walked in the bathroom together to clean up I slipped out and took an Uber and came home at my regular time. Kevin was gone, and my wife was fixing dinner. She acted normal other than I could tell she was extra happy.
Over the next few days I could not stop thinking about Kevin fucking my wife. Mostly about Kevin’s cock. I even took one of my wife’s vibrators to work and locked my office door and worked it up my ass pretending it was Kevin fucking me. I actually shot off all over the floor without touching my cock! I was obsessed now! I wanted to feel what my wife felt. I wanted this young black man to be my first. I wanted that beautiful cock up my ass!
The next day I called Kevin and asked if he could meet me for lunch to discuss something. The poor guy must have felt so guilty. When we met for lunch I walked up and he was there waiting. He was so nervous as I sat down, he was sweating and could not sit still. As I shook his hand and said hello he just came right out and said did Melanie tell you? I said pardon. Did she tell you what happened between us? I said I guess not, but it surely seems to be bothering you is everything ok? He said look I am so sorry, but I asked Kelly to meet with me alone. You and your wife are such a nice couple, and I was attracted to both of you almost from the start. It’s just that she is so sexy and seemed to flirt back with me so I thought maybe we could hook up. She did turn me down at first, but then gave in and we ended up having sex. It was amazing and probably the best experience I have ever had, but every since I left I have felt so guilty for what happened. I understand if you hate me and want to get another advisor.
I thought about what he said about being attracted to both of us, and also to back when he had put his hand on my thighs. I immediately started getting hard at the though that something may be possible with him.
I started by telling him that I did know what happened between them because I was there. I told him I had seen the whole thing and was shocked at first, but also very turned on. I then asked him about what he said about being attracted to both of us. He said that he was bisexual and yes he was attracted to both of us. I told him I had never been with another man, but after seeing them together I had been having thoughts of being with him. I could see his eyes light up and knew that he was happy with what I said. In less than an hour I had rented a hotel room and we made our way there. I thought it would be awkward at first, but as soon as we got in the room we started making out. Once we were undressed I couldn’t believe how nice his body was. He is a milk chocolate color and his body is very well defined. He was thin, but had nice pecks and abs. I spent a little time just running my hands over his chest and shoulders before kneeling down and getting a closeup look at his uncut black cock! As I started to lick and suck on his cock I noticed he had an intoxicating smell that was very clean and just a little manly. Sucking him felt very natural to me. I just did to him what I like done to me. I was surprised that I was able to take his cock down into my throat, only gagged myself a couple of times! He was steadily telling me how good it felt, and that I was made for sucking dick. Sa as I turned him around I told him, your really going to love this and I spread the cheeks of his ass and dove right in and started eating his ass! I must have stayed at it for 15 minutes, even working my tongue up into his asshole a little. He was going nuts the whole time! I stopped and said I want you to fuck me with that big dick now! He wasted no time, bending me over the bed he started licking my ass and working his fingers in me. It felt so good with two of his fingers pumping quickly in and out of my ass! Then I almost felt sad as pulled them out. The head of his dick is fat. And I did feel a lot of pressure as tried to work that big thing into my ass. But once the head popped in it slipped easily it bottoming out deep in my ass. He just rocked back and forth for a few minutes letting me adjust to the girth of his cock. He was very gentle when he started working in and out. Just a little more each time until he was making full strokes. I told him I wanted to be on my back so that I could watch him fuck me, so we quickly changed positions. It felt even better with him on top, plus I could now feel him bumping my prostate every few strokes. I pulled him to me so I could feel our bodies touching, and told him to fuck me harder. He really started to pound me, and with the stimulation on my prostate precum was dripping from my cock and I could feel it making a slick spot between our bodies. He said he was getting close, so I had him sit up and started fucking my ass up forcing him deeper inside me. He grabbed my cock and started jerking me off, fucking me harder and faster until we both came at the same time! I shot ropes of cum all over my chest and stomach while I felt his cock pulsing I’m me ass filling up my bowels with his potent load! He never pulled out and was now slowly fucking my ass as he fed me all the cum off my chest with his fingers, only taking a little for himself! He then pulled out and came over beside my head offering his cock to be cleaned which I greedily devoured. He immediately started to stiffen up again, and before I knew it he was fucking it into my throat! He soon planted his second load into my stomach! We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring each other. It’s been a few months and my wife and I have both been seeing him separately. I want to tell her so we can all be together, but I’m scared she might freak out about Kevin and I being together!

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  • My fantasy the same as yours you have done it I haven’t. Have a threesome

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