Show for the locals

My second wife and I were on our honeymoon at a resort in Cuba. While we were lounging on the beach on beach chairs, these three black guys, locals, were gathered at a wire fence perimeter check out the “rich white women”. They were looking at our backs and I guess my wife felt for them, because she turned her chair around so she was facing me (and also them) and pulled off her bikini top. She acted like she was doing it for me but anyway she had an audience. I’m guessing this was jackpot for them.

This excited me big time and she saw my mega boner. So she took care of me and rubbed me off. I don’t think they could see that, but I’m sure they knew what was happening especially as her breasts were shaking from all the massaging.

When we were ready to go, she put her top back on. We stood up and I thought they would enjoy seeing her closeup so we walked over to the wire fence. We talked a bit in Spanish (not much) and they told her she was beautiful. While they were talking I stood behind my wife, reached around her and pulled her top away from her body so they could really see her breasts close up. She totally rolled with it like she was expecting me to show them her breasts. She was really proud of what great shape she was in and how good she looked naked.

So while my wife was still trying to come up with some more Spanish words, I was still standing behind her so I again reached around her, took the front of her bottoms and pulled it down to reveal between her legs. She had the nicest vagina, shaved and smooth. She laughed but was shy at first and kept her delicious thighs together, but I held it down and she relaxed and separated her thighs so they could see how perfect she was.

I bet for those guys nothing ever lived up to that again.

After all that we went to our room and fucked and fucked and fucked like craziness. She told me that when I pulled down her bottoms and her vagina was in the open air in broad daylight and those men were all looking between her legs, all her genitals throbbed and ached because she was so aroused she felt like fainting. After she told me that we fucked a few more times and couldn’t bother with dinner that night.


Aug 3
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    • No offense to you and your wife but I’m pretty sure they have good looking pussy in Cuba too and don’t just need to wait around to look at tourist whores and their pimps.

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • At a Jamaican beach we chose a relatively secluded spot to sun-bath. My gf laid on her back with a loosened bra and I was rubbing some sun-lotion on her tummy, slowly reaching up to her boobs still covered in her bra. Suddenly, I saw three teenagers intently watching us through the fence. I whispered to her about the kids nearby. She asked me to take her bra off - as I did so her ample pair of boobs spilled out. I paid attention to her boobs slowly massaging them with lotion. Soon one of my hands went to her crotch area to massage her pussy. OMG! I saw them masturbating vigorously!! Wished we could invite them to our show!

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