Posing For My Dad

My dad recently bought a DSLR camera he is taking pictures of everything as you do when you first get it, he has taken several portraits of me and mum,
I know he has taken mum in the nude in the bedroom I think the photos were very explicit, they didn't know I was in so I could hear him giving instructions how to pose and I herd mum telling him how to pose as well,
I don't have a problem with what they are doing its there fun, but dad has asked me to pose for him on his days of work when its just us at home,
The question is has or would any girl pose for there dad and naked.

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  • If you are a adult, then you can do it if you want to. But maybe the pictures should be for your dads private collection.

  • If he lets mom know he's taking pictures of you like that, it's fine. If he's hiding it from mom, he's got bad intentions. Or it wouldn't be a secret.

  • I send my dad pics and videos all the time. He tries to tell me to stop but he don't delete them ahha

  • I have seen girls pose

  • I know quite a few open families and daughter being naked in front of dad is not big deal. One friend is a a pretty good photographer and there are pictures of his naked wife and even her snatch in their living room. Pretty cool !

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