Dad caught me

My father caught me masturbation i was in bed my legs were up i had two fingers up my cunt, can you imagine being naked finger fucking and your dad walks in on you i didn't, i didn't know he was there for a short while i think he watched a while, i pulled the bed clothes up and said sorry, dad came over and sat on the bed, my face was red, dad said no need to be sorry your doing what is natural every body does it including me and your mum its a natural pleasure, i felt a bit better after dad told me him and mum wank, i said don't you and mum have sex, yes of course but we have our own personal pleasure some times we even watch each other and discuss it after, i felt myself going wetter in fact i was flooding with dad sat so very close and looking at me naked beneath the sheets with my finger inside me again, he apologised for walking in and said lie go and get dressed when he stood up he had a large bulgy in his pyjamas, i will add the rest later.


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  • Great story!! Have fun wanking with your dad!! Let us know when you two fuck!! Love it!!

  • Wow, some ppl are sensitive about incest lol... guilty much? We all you you are so angry because of guilt, so stop ruining every story by judging people.

  • I agree. I think it's lack of understanding

  • Oh ya Jackie let us know what happens

  • Sounds like you are having fun

  • From Jackie
    After dad left my room i kept imagining him wanking in front of me and me doing the same, i have seen dads dick many times occasionally hard i admit i was curious as to what it would be like to have it but scolded myself for such wicked thoughts, it was my half day off work so i went down for breakfast in my nightie dad was still in his sat at the table, i was talking to him and and getting my breakfast, when i noticed his hard dick was stuck out of his pyjamas, he saw staring, dad said do you mind me showing myself to you this way, how could i say no when my wetness was running down my legs, dad said come over to me, cant say what we did but i think you can guess.

  • Sounds juicy tell more

  • Nice fantasy lol

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