1st time watching my wife with a total stranger...

My wife and I had gotten into 3-some's and wife swapping soon after we got married at 18 yrs old. And I'd seen her expose herself to lot's of guy's / girl's. But the guys we'd had 3-some's with were friend's and the cpl's we'd swapped with we'd at least swapped a cpl of letters with and a few photo's as this was in the 70's long before personal computer's. So even though I'd seen my hot little wife sucking off or being fucked by other guy's we'd had at least some idea of who they were.

But thing's got even hotter on one of our weekend trip's out of town. We'd made plan's to hookup with a cpl we'd met through a swinger magazine an had swapped a few photo's with through the mail. We were to meet them that Saturday at a motel half way between where we both lived. But Lynn and I had gone up that Friday night to give her a chance to go out & flash her hot body. Something we both really enjoyed a lot. It turned out that the hotel we were staying at had an indoor pool and hot tub. So we went out and bought the skimpiest bikini we could find.

She was in the hot tub and I was nearby at the pool. She'd had several guy's get in the hot tub with her and each time wasted no time in her letting her tits pop out giving them an eyeful . As I casually watched from the pool area. But there was one guy who looked to be in his 30's who she let get a nice look at her tit's who'd gotten out of the hot tub and seemed to be really thinking about what he'd seen as he kept looking back at her from the pool area. Then went back and got back in the hot tub. She said he seemed nervous but very excited and finally he built up the courage to start to compliment her on her looks and ask if she was there with her parents. I guess an 18-yo in a nice hotel he figured it was a family trip.

But she assured him she wasn't but not saying why she was there. Then not to her surprise he ask if she'd like to come up to his room ? She in a teasing and playful way ask whatever he had in mind ? And before he had a chance to reply she came right out and said you aren't planning on ravaging my body are you ? Then saying not that she'd nessicarilly mind that with a sexy smile. Soon he was telling her how sexy she was and how he normally wouldn't be trying to pick up a girl like that. And she cut him off and said she didn't need ant explination's she just wanted to know if he wanted to fuck her or not because she was really horney ?

Soon they had arranged to meet in her room. When she answered the door in only a sexy red garter belt and stocking & spiked heel's his eyes almost popped out. Getting a complete view of her firm 18-yo 5-8,110 lb 34C-24-35 body, with her long auburn hair hanging almost to he waist. Huge pink aureola's that covered the end of her firm tits and her hairy little bush. He hardly made it in the door before he'd reached out and started groping her firm young tits. And she wasted no time in unhooking his belt and dropping to her knee's taking his thick cock in her mouth and swallowing it to his balls. He pulled off the rest of his cloth's as my wife sucked his cock & ball's. The whole time me watching from the balcony.

He moved her to the bed and they got into a hot 69 for a while then she straddled him sliding his cock into her tight pussy as her firm tits hung in his face. I was turned on as hell watching this total stranger fucking the hell out of my hot young wife. Filling every tight hole from various angle's. Until he finally emptied a hot load all over her ass & back. And surprising the hell out of me when he started to shove his tonge up inside her well fucked ass and lick his own cum off of her sexy bottom. Then at his request she sucked him hard again and took a 2nd load of his cum. This time down her sweet throat. Then licking every drop he could get too as he confessed how he loved the taste of a guys cum. But confessing how he could never tell his wife that.

As soon as he left she came out on the balcony and I fucked her from behind as she leaned over the rail. Intentionally making noise as we saw people walking below so they looked up seeing her big tits swaying back & forth knowing she was getting fucked.

When we told the cpl we met the next night about our evening they got so turned on we decided to have some fun and ordered room service. Letting the guy in as our wive's lay on the bed together nude kissing and fondling each others tits as we were in our underwear sporting hard-on's. My hot 18 yo wife and his sexy 35yo wife with her huge 38-D tits. Lynn loves girls with really big tits.

That was far from the only time I saw my wife get fucked by a total stranger. But being the 1st it's one I will always enjoy looking back on.


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  • In the 70's I was getting my future wife drunk and letting my friends fuck her.

  • Sorry some found this Boring. I just wanted to share an experience from our younger years that we found quite exciting. I know i'm not a professional writer so I just try and give the details and tell others what happened. But it is discouraging when people have negative comments. But like the saying goes. Hatter's Gonna Hate...But I bet they still wish they'd been there banging my sexy ass wife....

  • I fuck my hubby’s brother from time to time hes 10 years younger and has alot of pounding power left in him. That or he gets really excited to feel me its only a couple times a year he lives4-5 hours from us. But its fun and exciting. You only live once try something crazy you might like it

  • Boring

  • Sorry you were bored. It wasn't if you were there. Could I hear some of your experiences??????

  • I think they mean it's boring cos it was very long and dragged out

  • I agree

  • Sorry. I just wanted to share our experience. It was pretty hot for us. I guess you had to be there. Would love to hear some of your experiences.....

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