I am Otherkin.

I truly know that deep down I am not fully human. A part of me is part Wolf, I am part of a pack and we go and live in the woods for a month each year and wear only animal skins, I go hunting with three other betas and the two omegas gather mushrooms and such-like.

We stick together outside of these time of the year and come together at the house I live in which is really the Alpha's. Once we were out in the woods and we had come back with a doe and were eating it when I noticed my Mate seemed awfully cuddly. When I asked her if she was on heat she just nodded and rubbed up beside me. When I looked around at the two other Beta males I noticed they were looking hungrily at my Mate.

After the meal I went off into the trees with my Mate and she bent over and asked to be fucked because she was on heat. I almost did but was stopped by the two other Beta males who came out and followed us. They challenged me but the pack rules are that you can only challenge one at a time so first came the smaller one.

He came at me tooth and claw and I growled before wrestling him to the ground after tussling for a bit and bit into his neck to show that he had been beaten to the others of the pack that had been drawn by the noise. After beating him a bit so that he would stay down, I got up and faced the next one.

At this point I was slightly out of breath but I was so high on adrenaline and the taste of the other Beta's blood in my mouth that I didn't notice. The next one came at me head on and winded me, going straight for the neck. He was stupid going straight for the kill, you should make sure the other is beaten down enough before going for the throat.

Taking advantage of this I brought my knee up into his solar plexus and he went over before I clobbered him down again and went for the throat. After these two victories I howled and growled at the air, showing the entire pack that I had won.

Afterwards I turned around and grabbed my Mate by the legs and dragged her back to me across the leaf litter. She did nothing as me beating two Beta's for her got her really horny and I pounded her as hard as I possibly could in front of the entire pack but most of all in front of the two I had beaten. It was the best sex I have ever had and I came really deep inside her. When I pulled out she still wasn't satisfied.

At this point the pack members that weren't the ones I had beaten had gone away. I then proceeded to fuck twice more, lastly in her ass so that she orgasmed so hard she squirted all over the ground and both holes were left gaping.

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  • What the hell did I just read????? man or beast???

  • You are an idiot. Just an idiot. Stop living inside your head and learn to deal with the world as it is and the life you have made. Don't like your life? Change it you putz.

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