I'm in a relationship but had a ONS while on spring break

I'm in a relationship and during spring break I had a ONS with a random guy. I was at a party with friends and met up with a guy. I admit I was buzzed but also knew what I was doing. We started kissing then I willingly went to his room. I'm on bc but thankfully he also wore a condom.
The only people that know about this are my friends that went on the trip. They swore to never tell. Actually, they're excited for me because I've only been with two guys prior. However, I've been with my current boyfriend for 2 years and we're kinda serous.
Since the guy wore a condom and I'm definitely not pregnant, should I confess to him or just lock this secret in a dark closet?
My friends tell me to keep this a secret because who's to say I'll actually marry my current boyfriend.
However, I'm in a relationship and cheated. That's a fact.

Apr 17


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    • Give him a threesome with another girl and call it even.

    • It happens. Don’t beat yourself up. However, it may come out because friends or not they may tell someone. So although I wouldn’t tell, I’d be prepared to explain if he finds out.

    • I cheated on my husband (then boyfriend). He is only 1 year older but graduated 2 years before me. We started dating when he was a senior. Started having sex after a year.
      Class trip I has sex with a classmates. He was cute, and funny and a virgin and he was dating a girl that I absolutely hated. I fucked him that entire weekend. It was great.
      Unfortunately the only one that knew was my best friend and never knew she harbored a crush on my BF.
      Now my BF was going to marry me because I thought I was pregnant, so he moved up his enlistment so we could get married before I showed much. Funny as I had my period at the beginning of the month and didn't after the trip.
      Everything went smoothly and we'd been married 3 years and were back home between assignments and that bitch blabbed about class trip. It was a hell of a night before I could get him settled down.

    • Nothing like a good revenge fuck lol

    • Good little slut lol

    • Keep quit about it all is good he wore a condom so it's not like skin on skin

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