Kids play

I thought I sent this before, this is the condensed version, 50
Years ago we spent every Sunday i the summer at my parents friends house who had a boy my age, 13,14, after a day in the pool we went to his room to change and
We stood there looking at each others cock, we started to
Play with each other and he got on his knees and blew my whole jerking off, he came before I did and was kind of embarrassed, I licked the cum off his cock and jerked on off on his chest , we went on to bigger and better
Things but about 10 years ago
his parents died and he came
To town without his wife and stayed at a hotel,, we hooked for two nights and it was better than ever

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  • I grew up with a neighbor boy a couple years older then me. I remember the first time I ever seen his cock, we were peeing outside. His cock was uncut, of course I'd never seen anything like that before. If was very different from my circumcised cock. I asked if I could look closer at it and he let me. I took it in my hand and stroked it a little and it got instantly hard. It wasn't the first hard cock I'd seen. My cock gets hard, I was just amazed how as it got hard the head started poking out past his foreskin. I couldn't resist I rapped my lips around it and sucked it as far into my mouth as I could. It wasn't the first cock I'd ever sucked, but it was the first human cock. I was very surprised when he blew a load of cum down my throat. At my age I had not been able to produce cum yet, but I knew I was close because I would have the feeling, but nothing came out. I have let my dog cum in my mouth as I sucked him off before, but it was nothing like this.
    This continued daily for a couple years, until I let him fuck my ass once, and I was hooked. I can't compare this to having sex with a girl, because I never have. I've let a few guys suck me off, and I've fucked there ass. But for the last thirty years I've been a bottom bouy. It fact I've had myself myself castrated, and have locked myself in permanent chastity. I only unlock it to clean it daily, then lock it back up again. You wouldn't believe how small it's gotten because of it.

  • This has my cock hard now and my gf is watching incest pirn so im horny as hell might sneak off to her daughter bed i wanna i admit

  • Mmmmm i wanna with my gf son. He asked me if i would show him masterbating and i wanna tonight when we get alone its gonna be hot

  • You’re fucked up, my story has nothing to do with incest,, just two kids having some fun

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • I was sucking my friends in 5th grade and bottoming for a teenager. What fun I had at such a innocent age, everything was new and exciting.

  • I wrote the original and they way this was translated makes no sense. at 13-14 we just looked forward to playing with each other once a week. the first thing we did when we got to each others house was run to our rooms, kiss, suck each other, jerk each other, just play till we came,, then in the pool and after that before dinner do it all over again,,once week in the summer for years

  • By the time I was 12 - 14 I was a cute little insatiable boy. I either sucked it or let them fuck me.

  • Yup, lots of fun, it fucks some people up, I just enjoyed it and said wtf, it is what it it is

  • How was his cock

  • Very nice,, it was so much fun when we were kids. We’d blow eachother before we changed, then after, when they’d come to our house we’d go to my room and “listen to music”, it was fun, I’m hard now typing this.

  • That's so hot

  • Speak english

  • That was this site translating, not me

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