Am i a lesbian?

I have just started at college, having fun, joined sports teams etc. I started to feel like i was noticing other girls bodies more, thought i was getting self conscious, but i wasn't. The sports facilities are old and there are some open showers, no one seems to shy to use them, so with all my sporting activities i was seeing alot of naked girls, and i would catch myself looking. Now i feel like a boy in disguise in the girls showers, i can't stop looking, does that make me a lesbian?
I never realised just how good changing rooms must be for homosexual men and women lol.
By the way, whilst i do not have a bf, i very much enjoy sex with men, just not relationships with them.
Any thoughts?

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  • Don't feel bad or have any guilt if you want to have sex with another woman. I love men, but I also like to have sex with another woman.

  • I felt like you did when i wasn't sure, but i am definitely a lesbian now. Totally agree with changing rooms and trying not to look, or be caught looking. How can i help it when there is a hot girl naked in front of me with a cute pussy, it can be torture. Just change, head in to a toilet cubical and quickly finger, whilst it's still fresh in your mind. Stops you thinking about it all day, have to be quiet though.
    I am a member of a gym because of its changing rooms ;)

  • I think it just means you are a healthy sexual person. Enjoy it. You've been with men. Maybe u will be with a woman. Maybe not. Enjoy what your eyes see though!

  • Thanks for your thoughts, i guess i don't need to jump for a label to put on this. Interesting you say "maybe u will be with a woman", when i was growing up that would have never crossed my mind, it would have been a "no way" but now i kinda want to try it. I want to see what its like to kiss a girl, or touch another girl.
    I feel guilty for lingering in the showers and do not want to get caught looking but omg it's hard not to. I need to get control of my emotions and desires. I cant decide whether to have sex with a guy to calm my desire or be brave and see where things go with a girl, any thoughts?
    Also how do you tell if a girl is gay or bi? So confusing

    Thanks for any help you can give!

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