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I am M26, and I recently moved back to my hometown with my girlfriend. My hometown is very oldschool with traditional values. Are they racist? Absolutely not. However, they do believe in their values and they do share those values. I don't mind because I believe EVERYONE is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. As long as they treat me fairly, they can believe whatever they want. Such as the case here.

I am a white male, but I met and feel in love with a beautiful black woman. She is absolutely a 10, and is without a doubt above my class. She's smart, funny, and gets along with pretty much everyone. So I was hoping our move would be smooth. Well it wasn't.

We hadn't been in town for a day when she and I went to the local Walmart store. I ran into a couple older ladies whom I used to do yard work for back in highschool. I introduced my girlfriend and waited for the response. I knew they would say something about her being black and was prepared. I had even prepared my girlfriend, but the shock I got was unexpected.

First came the response in unison from their high pitched voices "what do you mean your GIRLFRIEND?". I braced my self for the black person comment, but instead they continued with "Why have you not married this beautiful woman yet?". Wait, what? My girlfriend looked at me with those eyes and responded with them "yeah, why haven't you put a ring on my finger?"

I was shocked and didn't know what to say. I sat there and listened to these two old ladies have a hen conversation with my girlfriend and laugh about how "men will always be little boys".

Not one person has ever said one thing about me bringing home a black girlfriend. I guess my oldschool town isn't so oldschool anymore.

3 months ago

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    • Nothing like a little black poontang. It's all pink in the middle.

    • I remember my grandfather and dad talking about how mixed races should be outlawed back when I was a kid. Like you, I started dating an African American woman and tried to keep it a secret. My parents found out eventually, but they didn't care, and today they love my wife more than they do me.

    • Issues only become "issues" if someone selfishly forces thier personal negative opinion in an effort to shame or belittle. Most old school regular folks really don't care what gender or race person anyone chooses to have sex with.

    • That is awesome!

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