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I'm sure this is something that everybody has heard before. After a couple years of marriage I asked my beautiful wife if you'd be willing to do a Wife Swap or wife sharing. At first she hastily agreed I think mostly just to please me. So now I'm at a point in my life where I wish I had never said anything I feel like I'm losing her other men have her more than I do and I feel totally sexually inadequate compared to most other men now. Watching and listening to her have sex and reaching orgasms without me in the room or even participating has taken a toll on my heart.

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  • Time to talk to a divorce lawyer

  • I'm just leaving to go to work , she asked me what time I would be home. I said 6 but I am thinking about leaving work around noon today.

  • Let me know all the details I am very interested good luck

  • I parked at the store on the side to partially hide my truck. I walked to the house about 1/4 mile away. When I arrived home there wasn't any vehicles there and he car was in the same position. I sneaked around and peered threw the windows finally found her in the kitchen doing dishes. I just went to the side of the house and sat , second guessing everything I thought. I sat there for about 30 minutes then decided to go get my car. I got up and wasn't really paying much attention to anything and started to leave. Just as I was passing the corner down the street I looked back and seen a car parking across the street from my house , again didn't pay attention to it. I kept walking and turned around to see a man just going out of site at my house. I stopped and stood there like an idiot. I almost just kept walking away. I was afraid to go back , because I started having a sick feeling in my stomach. I did go back and headed straight to the kitchen window. No one was there. I started having anxiety and almost a panick attack. Because I could hear the sound of hard sex ( I don't know how to explain the sound ) I raced from window to window. Finally I found them on the dining room floor she was on her knees with her head down and this guy was putting the hammer to her. I watched for about 2 minutes then watched him shudder and shake and scream out I'm cumming. I turned and walked back to my truck. She and I are together today I'm writing this from my bathroom , we're supposed to be going on a small trip out to the property we own to do some spring clean up before the weather gets warmer.

  • You need to have it out with her unless you are starting g to like it

  • We had a long in depth talk over the last few days. Basically I said that she cross's the line and it's cheating if one I'm not aware of what is going on and two if I don't have a say in what is going on.

  • They say be careful what you wish for , This his very true you can't turn the clocks back once you started something like this , Thou you was the one that initiated this now you want to stop your wife but she may not want too , This happened to me and I lived to regret it when I have more time I will tell you what happened , If you would like to know .

  • I would like to hear more about your sistuation. Saturday night was really hard for me. At least we were alone and together yesterday for Easter

  • OK I'm back , I did the same with my wife during sex at the heat of the moment I would ask her if she would like to fuck someone else , She would always say No she only wanted me but I kept asking her anyway , Then one day she came home from work and asked me do I still want her to have sex with someone else , I said yes I would love to watch her with someone else , Then She said her boss had been coming on to her and she said he was saying things what he wanted to do to her , Anyway to cut a long story short we arranged for him to come to are house for a meal my wife wanted me to tell him what he could do to her , He was shocked when I told him i wanted him to have sex with my wife , We told my wife what had been said so i put the lights down a little put some soft music on and said why don't you have a dance together , I thought this would make things easier , watching my wife kissing him she was really going for it he was groping her and unzipping her dress , Her dress dropped to the floor she was standing there only in her stockings and high heels she had also shaved herself bald , All these things I wanted her to do for me she was now doing it for someone else , Her boss pushed her down onto her knees got his dick out which was much bigger than mine and pushed it in her mouth , She was certainly more enthusiastic sucking his dick than mine , Then her boss was quite verbal with her and with me telling me what he was doing to her and making her beg him for his cock , He banged my wife he was rough with her but you could see she loved it ,That night he came inside her also in her mouth and made her swallow it , That was the start of the end , Now she got the taste for it excuse the pun she was not only having sex with her boss also her bosses clients , Know I'm on my own regretting ever mentioning would she like to fuck somebody else .

  • Seriously that's not helping me , I don't want to loose her. We talked about quitting and just trying to be together. I told her that I felt like I was loosing her. She made me feel like it's crazy to think that she would leave me or that we would break up over all this. But now I feel like she's going to cheat behind my back. This morning she woke up early, showered, shaved her pussy and put makeup on and did her hair. So I said are you going somewhere today. She said no she was staying home . I'm thinking why do all that just to stay home.

  • Move, go to a different state restart life in a new city where neither of you know anyone, stay in the same town and sooner or later all the guys will know her as the girl you can fuck for fun, and I know you would hate for that to happen

  • I'm sorry , your wife sounds genuine about your situation that his positive , I don't think she his going to cheat has for the hair and makeup perhaps she his doing it for you , shaving her pussy how often does she do that you would know if that was strange, Good luck to you both , keep in touch let me know if anything changes .

  • Well she really never gets up that early for one. Two she does keep herself well groomed but it was definitely different she really was making sure it was smooth and three when I asked she said she was just staying home so I was wondering why all the makeup and four no answer on her phone later in the morning and five her car had been moved but she still says she was home all day

  • It does not look good , How did you know she was that smooth also not answering the phone does happen the car that his suspicious , you need to check her knickers that she wore the crutch

  • I went in the bathroom in the morning and literally seen her making sure it was smooth. She normally answers the phone with in two rings I tried calling multiple times with no response. I purposely paid attention to where her car was as I went to work because I just had a suspicious feeling.

  • It looks like she his lying to you , you need to check her knickers has I said to you , If some how you could get her to fool around with you try and look at her or better still get your fingers in there see if it looks of feels used

  • I will get back to you , That his nice just the two of you that's good

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