I really didn't believe it happens

I have heard there are really men into watching their wives with others. I have seen the videos just like everyone else. I never thought for a second I would actually meet one , even further off I never thought it would be my best friend and his wife. I was over just having a beer on Friday, he and I were just bullshiting about nothing in particular. Sitting in his living room watching TV and whatever. When his wife came home. She came in the living room and said to him ( did you talk to me about it ) he looked at her stunned and studdered umm no I thought you were. She looked at me and then walked out of the room. So I said is everything ok bro did I do something wrong. He said no no just sit here for a minute and I'll be right back. So I was sitting there sipping on my beer when his wife walked back in the room , completely naked . My fucken mouth dropped I never really realized what an incredible body she had. So she says. We were wondering if you want to come up stairs and have sex with me , Eric is into watching. I didn't say anything she walked over and took my had and led me to their room. Eric was sitting on a chair in the corner naked and already stroking slowly. She led me to the bed and I did it I mean I did everything I ate her she sucked me I did her on her back and then doggy style. I don't want you to think I was able to hold on long the first time I came I pulled out and came on her belly the second time I was doing her doggy style and she started saying cum in me cum in me so I did. Exhausted I flopped on the bed. Almost immediately he was going down on her then fucked her right beside me. I stayed the night. None of us got much sleep. I'm so excited to finally have something amazing happen I have been posting this everywhere.

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  • I want to watch you fuck my virgin fiancée. You’ll absolutely love knowing you’ll always have her virginity and that I can’t do anything to change that. My fiancée has a pretty face, firm boobs, a round ass, a fit body, and a virgin tight pussy, all for you to enjoy.

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