Mum and my friends

It was my uncle's funeral,he was the last of 3 brothers,Clive had passed away 10 years ago,my father 3 years back and now Frank,it was a good turn out for him,a few of my old mates were there,plus all the family,we were all sitting down reminiscing about the past having a good laugh,remember you walked in on me naked in John's room Mrs Davies Danny said to my mother!! Like yesterday Danny my mum said,if only I was 30 years younger laughing she said and Paul over there too,you lot were hard work back then!! Time was getting on and mum said she'd had enough and wanted to go home,Paul said me to,ill take you home Danny said,marvellous we all said,im gonna stay and have a few more pints I said,ok no problem luv said mum,I was sleeping back home just for tonight,thought it would be the thing to do just incase the day brought back any memories about my father,I needn't had worried,I phoned for a taxi about 9 o'clock,we pulled up outside mums house,I paid the taxi and walked in through the front door,the lights were on downstairs but there was no one in the living room or the kitchen,as I stood at the bottom of the stairs I could hear moaning coming from upstairs! Strange I thought,I crept upstairs,I could see mums bedroom light was on and the door was slightly ajar,I looked through the gap and couldn't believe it! Danny and Paul were spitroasting my mother!! She was 70 BTW! I should have barged in but something made me watch,my turn Paul said,he pulled his cock out of my mother's mouth,Danny pulled out of her pussy,Paul flipped her over on her back,grabbed both her ankles and spread her legs apart! I love your hairy cunt Mrs Davies,he then processed to fuck the living daylights out of mum,Danny had always been a dirty fucker,do you want both of us to fuck you Mrs Davies! What do you mean Danny replied mum? Me up your ass and Paul in your pussy at the same time!! I've never tried that said mum! Cmon you know you want to! Get on top of Paul like your riding him,she did as she was told,Danny then pushed her body forwards and said im going put my cock in your ass now,are you ready,just relax,Danny offered his cock towards my mother's arsehole,he pushed himself in,omg this feels incredible gasped my slut mother! There were my 2 oldest friends dping my 70 year old mum! And I had a huge hardon watching!! They swapped positions so Paul had some of mums ass! After what seemed like hours they both pulled out of her holes and wanked over her face covering her with spunk!! Right you two hurry up and get changed and get out of here,my boy will be home soon! Id just seen it all,I quickly walked downstairs and back out the front door quietly and hid opposite in someone's garden,Danny and Paul came out laughing saying they've always wanted to fuck my mother! Well they'd done it now alright and off they drove,I appeared from my hiding spot and walked through mums front door,mum I shouted,yes love im in bed im shattered!! I bet you are I thought,my mates have just hammered both your holes !! OK mum no problem I'll see you in the morning!!!

1 month ago

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