Home repairs

I have a friend who is not handy at all fixing anything around the house so I help him out all the time. He called me up and told me that his wife called him because the dishwasher was leaking when she started it. He was out of town and asked me if I would go over there and help him out. I told him I would go right away so tell her I am no my way.
I got there and started checking things out, somehow the drain hose had been knocked off of the inlet of the sink disposal so the fix was pretty simple but the mess was bad. I helped her get it all cleaned up and then started to pack up my tools. She asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner and maybe watch a movie, I thought it was a little strange but we were all good friends and she was probably just lonely with him gone.
We finished up dinner and had just sat down in the living room to watch a movie when my buddy called her up. I was sitting in a chair leaving her the couch to sit on and she was talking to him walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. She came back into the living room and stood right in front of me while still talking to him, she looked down at me and said he wants to talk to you for a minute. She handed me the phone and I no sooner said what is up and she kneeled down in front of me, pushed my knees apart and started trying to undo my belt. I was trying to talk to him and within seconds her fingers were down the front of my pants finding my cock. I had no idea what the hell she was thinking but I just kept my voice as steady as I could while she unzipped me and got me all freed up.
She put all of my soft cock into her mouth and started sucking me, it was as weird as it gets listening to my buddy on her phone while she was sucking on me. He thanked me again then told me to put her back on the phone, I told her he wants to talk to you again and she grabbed the phone and asked him what was going on. She would talk to him then lick my cock listening to him talk to her, she was being pretty quiet about it and this lasted for about five minutes. She finally said goodbye to him and told him she could not wait to see him in a few days. She set the phone down on the floor and started really sucking on me like crazy, I was soaked with her saliva when I finally came and she took care of it all.
She looked up at me and told me that she really appreciated all my help and if she was not currently having her period she would have loved to take me upstairs. I told her that I was really bummed to because I was really looking forward to possibly doing just that with her as well.
I guess it was about six months later when my friend had gone out of town again, I was sitting in my house watching tv when I heard a car in the driveway and it was his wife. I thought no way she is coming over here for what I am thinking about right now, I opened the door and let her inside. She looked at me and asked how I was doing and some other small talk then I could not believe the next thing out of her. She asked me if she could cash in that rain check from a while back, I pretended to be confused and she laughed and told me that she really wanted to have sex.
She stayed the night and we had a great time, she was as hot as I thought she looked without any clothes on and loves to ride on top of a guy. She gave me so much pleasure I am not sure how I am going to ever find a woman who is that hot and loves to have sex that hot. He is one lucky guy to have a wife like her for sure.


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  • I screwed the guy who put in my garbage disposal. He was so sexy, maybe 25 or so. His cock was as thick as a pepsi can. He said it was the best tip he ever received.

  • Hey funny...thought I was the only one that did this. I actually got pregnant by the sears guy that came to fix my dryer. When he had it fixed, I was just all over him. He just looked so delicious I couldn’t make him wear a condom.

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