My Friend's Dad is Cheating, I have Proof

I'm a junior in high school, and my friend's dad has been having an affair with me since the summer. He's 42 and super hot. All of our friends have a crush on him, but I obviously can't tell anyone. It started at a sleep over, we didn't even have sex, just oral. We made out in the basement in the middle of the night while I straddled and grinded on him. He flipped me over and pulled my panties off, and was about to go inside of me when I think he had second thoughts, so he went down on me instead. It was frustrating, but I came anyway. Then I sucked him off. He was really nervous about going all the way, so we just did oral a few times before I basically demanded that he fuck me. It was incredible. I've had sex with a couple boys in my school, and it's nothing like it is with him. We do it every chance we get. I sleep over all the time, and we meet in the basement at 2 am for quickies. I'll lie and say I'm walking home but he picks me up a couple of blocks away and I'll give him road head and he'll finger me in the passenger seat. He texts me to come over when my friend and her mom go shopping and we'll be in bed for a couple of hours. I know how wrong it is, on so many levels, but I can't help it. I love how much he wants me, how much he looks forward to when we get together, even if just for 5 minutes so I can go down on him. I really like fucking in his bed, with pictures of him and his wife and my friend on the dresser. I love how he tells me how much tighter I am than his wife, or how much hotter I am. I know he and his wife don't really have s** anymore, and boys in my school just can't compare, so it is really great for both of us right now. I wish I could brag to my friends about the kind of sex we have, the kind the boys in my school lie about having, but I have to keep it to myself. I came here because I get butterflies just thinking about him. I just had to tell someone.


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  • Gads I could have written this myself for I am in the same boat with my best friends dad.
    It all started three months ago and I slept over at her house and early that morning her dad ate me out and fucked me while she slept along side me in her bed and she had no idea what had happened.

  • Don't pay attention to the previous comments, you obviously are in it to have the best sex of your life and nothing else. Just don't get caught and take it as it is Just Sex

  • Eventually you will just have to tell someone and then your secret will be out, the boys and girls will call you a slut, might be an idea to stop before it happens you could always play with yourself till you get a proper boyfriend

  • If he keep's fucking you will not be long until you are as slack as his wife and he will go and find another silly little tight school girl to lick and fuck .

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