Hot Tub Fun

Hot summer
It was a red hot summer afternoon and we were outdoors enjoying a lively party at our neighbours
House. He had recently installed a new hot tub and we had walked over to take a look. It was on and several couples were already relaxing with their drinks in the hot bubbling water. My wife playfully trailed her hand in the water, exclaiming how good it felt. She must have seemed desperate to try it out as the wife of our host offered to loan her a spare bikini, which she eagerly accepted.
She is about 5’ 4” with short brown hair and what I guess you would call medium sized breasts. She is a UK bra size D and really pretty, but she doesn’t know how hot she is and can’t understand why she gets all the male attention she does.
When she emerged from the house in the borrowed bikini it looked far too small for her, barely containing her boobs, which looked like they were about to spill out ant any moment, but she seemed unconcerned and was soon in the water, so it didn’t matter too much.
I went to get us a drink and left her chatting with the two other girls in the tub. On the way, I was intercepted by an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and paused for a chat. From where I was standing I could see the hot tub area which was partly screened. I noticed that the neighbour’s teenage son and a couple of his friends had also put on their swimming shorts and were making their way over to the hot tub. I had seen them looking at my wife earlier, so tried to disengage from my conversation with my friend so that I could return to my wife, but it was still quite a few minutes before I could get away.
When I arrived back with the drinks, I could hear some splashing and laughter, so paused at the bamboo screen to see if I could discreetly see what was happening. It was just my wife and the three boys in the tub now, two of the boys were either side of her but turned towards her and something was clearly going on. The third boy was directly in front of her with just his head just above the water and she seemed to be moving in response to what was going on beneath the surface.
Then as she arched her back I saw that they had their hands on her tits and the bikini top was off. The third boy was working on her pussy under the cover of the bubbles, but her facial expression and the movements of her body were unmistakable, she was highly aroused and on the brink of an orgasm. She is always very responsive when we are fucking and I love the way she closes her eyes and has her mouth wide open, as if she is ready to take another cock in there. I knew these guys were having the time of their lives taking advantage of her in this way, but felt so aroused myself that I couldn’t bring myself to break the spell.
I have always thought that her boobs are her best asset. They are really soft and I love the way they bounce and sway when we are fucking. I think thy look best when she has her arms up above her head and sometimes she lets me tie her like that.
I could feel my hands shaking with excitement, causing one of the glasses to fall over on the tray giving away my position. I quickly emerged into view, the three guys knew that they had been caught in the act and looked back nervously for my reaction. I smiled and calmly gestured to them with my hand to stay where they were, then I slowly moved behind my wife and reached into the water taking hold of both her hands pulling her up out of the water until she was sitting on the edge.
I told her to open her legs, wide. I watched the boys eyes widen as I pulled her bikini bottoms to one side, inviting them to fuck her in front of me.


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  • Yes, because what people really want to do on a "red hot day" is get into a tub of really hot water ! smh

  • Are you guys for real?
    Just try taking a step back and look at where you are. This is the pit of despair where more than half the posts depict themes of Pedophilia, rape, incest and racial hatred. Some of the wort traits of humanity and here you are arguing about writing quality and the cringe worthiness of a post. Unbelievable!

  • This is a re-run confession. Go get some new material

  • Always the critic, what do you really expect for free?
    If you don't like the content try subscribing to a paid site...

  • Just cos it's free it don't have to be shit

  • Or maybe you should fuck off to a writers page. You clearly need some guidance and pointers. You've failed as a writer, as we know it's you writing the cringeworthy posts. Isn't something telling you, in your brain "these people see right through my posts" a real writer would never make us question that it's a big fat fake. We'd believe it. But your writing is very old fashioned and gimmicky. I think you should take this on board. I think you should go to a writers group. I think you need to buy a thesaurus. I think you should go away, practice, and come back in a month and write a piece, which we wouldn't immediately roll our eyes, mutter for fucks sake, and click back to get off your story.

  • Hear! Hear!

  • You must feel very strongly to have posted three replies at the same time to support your point.
    Be assured that I have no interest in your opinions, as nothing qualifies you to speak for other users of the site. I also fail to understand why stories have to be true in order to be entertaining. It’s pathetic that you have to support your own comments with the “Hear! Hear!”, as if this would make them any more valid. I have seen your style and certain key words in other negative replies to posts here.
    Let’s face it you are just a sad, attention seeking Troll, who spends their worthless life trying to discredit other people’s work. Sorry to say that you have failed in this instance.

  • I wrote hear hear not him or her

  • Hear! Hear! ... Does that validate my comment?

  • Has your wife always been such a slut ?

  • I always masturbated in my parents Jacuzzi when I was alone. I discovered how great it felt when I put my pussy close to the water jets. I think it began when I was a little girl playing in the yard running through the lawn sprinkler. I was always naked and remember squatting down over the sprinkler. When I was 8 years old at the water park, I would stand over the water nozzle and let it spray up between my legs. I did this for years then I figured out the Jacuzzi at around 12 or 13 years old. As a young woman I started to let the water spray into my pussy and fill my pussy full .

  • You are such a good husband. Did the other girls/men in the tub play too, or did they just watch?

  • Please See the second part (HOT TUB FUN PART 2)

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