My husband asked me to post my confession here. I am a chronic exhibitionist. I have been doing it since I was extremely young. I have been arrested for it many times and have had sexual contact with countless people.

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  • Tell us more, you seem like a dream girl, love it

  • I will tell you one of the more recent times. I was home I started having that crazy feeling so I knew I was going to do it again. I put on a pair of sweat pants and a zipper style sweat shirt , then drove aimlessly. I ended up near a mall. On the other side of the freeway was and is a park with baseball fields and a soccer field. At the end of the park there's a public restroom and beyond that some trees and bushes. I parked at the end and walked towards the woods. I saw that there were a few other cars parked there. Once near the woods I saw a trail. I stopped and looked back at the car's, no one was following me and one started and drove away. I took my sweater off and started down the trails. I could hear car doors close and someone set their alarm. I walked about another 100 feet or so looking behind me I couldn't see anyone or the parking lot. So I took off my sweat pants and lay them down on the ground. With my back towards the way I came in I knelt and began to masturbate. Soon I was looking up at two men. After we did our thing I went back home and showered. I think I found the perfect place to do my perverted thing without being caught.

  • Well I'm glad you were arrested and charged. The public needs to be protected from the likes of you.

  • I'm sorry you feel like that. I honestly have tried to stop.

  • Tell us about some

  • I would rather send you an email or something like that

  • Shannon is that you?

  • No I'm not Shannon , my name is Laura. Not sure who or why someone else would post that

  • Yes let’s meet and do what you suggested this weekend

  • Were you handcuffed for any of these sexual contacts?

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