Mom's gift

My mom walked in on me while I was masturbating when I was probably 14. I was completely naked, and on my knees in front of the full height mirror in her bedroom. She was supposed to be out for at least an hour more. I was terribly embarrassed and very shocked by the whole situation. She was shocked too, but she did not tell me it was a bad thing to do. She was merely concerned that I might make a mess on the carpet, so she got me a beach towel from the linen closet, and spread it on the floor, as I stood by in shame and awkwardness. Then she graciously told me she was going out again to complete her business. She had forgotten her purse at home.

A couple of days later, a small bag appeared on my desk in my room. It contained a small bottle of 'Astroglide,' and a note from mom, saying that the next time I felt like masturbating, I should use a little of this stuff. She thought I would enjoy it.

Well, I tried it out that night. I'd never used any sort of lubricant before. This felt incredible! It was so good, that I couldn't remain silent, even though I was trying very hard to be quiet. I fell asleep that night very pleased and exhausted.

The next morning, mom asked me bluntly if I'd tried it. I admitted that I had. I felt enthusiastic, and quite grateful too, so I blurted out that I really liked it. She smiled, and said that "it certainly sounded like you were enjoying myself last night! The stuff should be wonderful, because it's made to feel like the real thing. Sex is slippery and warm. You know I don't want you to have sex until you are ready for it, so this helps you enjoy the substitute until that time.

My head kind of exploded when she said that. The comment embarrassed me, but it really turned me on too. It was very blunt. It was true, but I'd never had a conversation like this with my mom before.

She finished by saying that I had better learn to be quiet, if I didn't want my younger sister (12 or 13 years old, at the time) coming to my room in the middle of the night with awkward questions. I sheepishly agreed.

My sister came down for breakfast then, so the conversation abruptly changed. Our mother reminded us both that privacy was very important. I was surprised, and a bit embarrassed too, when she didn't beat around the bush. She said, "you're both masturbating often, and that's a very private thing. Please do it in your own rooms. A closed door should be left shut. Respect each other please!“

After that, breakfast was silent and a bit awkward.


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  • You should ask her to show you some good technique.

  • Yes he should,its a great way to learn.

  • Your mom is nice and that’s the right this to be told and if you wish to spice it up you could try it with sis

  • That's a partially good attitude, but the idea of keeping it private is wrong

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