Baby sis

Once upon a time, there was this kid named Jake. He had two little sisters and one of their names were Audrey. She was 4 years younger then Jake. They would always play with each other day after day, watch movies together. One day, they both watched this movie where it involved sex. And one day, both of us decided we wanted to try it. Here we are these two little kids and we wanna fuck each other. So we start kissing each other, playing around, I start feeling aroused and I want her to take her pants off so I could put my dick in her. We're making out and I'm feeling her up, I start touching her pussy and my dick starts getting hard. I wanna stick it in her so bad, but then she has second thoughts and gets up and says sorry, then leaves the room. And never spoke on it again. To this day I wonder what it would be like if we fucked and kept on Fucking as we grew up. I think deep down, she thinks about that day and sometimes I feel like she really wants to fuck me. The way she touches my arm. She's so Fuckin fine. I wanna fuck her so bad when I spend the night. Maybe someday she'll come to me and ask for my dick. I know she wants it.

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