This is a true story me and my wife sue was on holiday staying in a caravan , The weather was really nice and hot even late into the evenings , We would go to the clubhouse every night but it was a bit boring and would close at 12pm just has things started to get going , So this particular night we decided to go to the clubhouse first then go on to a little night club that we spotted not to far from the site , Sue was dressed for the weather short skirt tea shirt heels it was really hot this evening .The night club was OK quiet not the music the clientele there was about 20 or so people in there , It was good thou we was having a good time dancing and drinking you had to drink or you would dehydrate , So the night came to a end we started making are way back to the site , I was feeling a bit horny so I was kissing sue feeling her up when I noticed a guy watching us from a distance , Sue did not notice him we carried on walking then I stopped and kissed her again squeezing her ass he was still following watching , I was enjoying this for some reason , We got back to the caravan sue pulled all the curtains shut and I got us a night cap , We started where we left off kissing and groping each other I said I'll get the toys this was are bag of various sex toys , I noticed the blindfold in the bag we had used this before i had a dirty thought so I asked sue to put the blindfold on I said lay down on the floor I put a cushion under her head to make her comfortable , I put the lamp on then started kissing sue I took her tea shirt off then her skirt she was very relaxed , I got her dildo out I was rubbing it on her tits I was thinking of the guy who was watching us what if he was outside Sue was in front of the glass door, If i pulled the curtain back he could see her this was turning me on but i knew that he was not there it was a fantasy ,So I was making out to myself he was there I carefully opened the curtains a little bit without sue noticing there was no one there , Then all of a sudden he appeared in the doorway I was in shock I noticed him from the club he was watching us when we was dancing , This was weird he was staring at sue I made sue sit up I took her bra off he had a good view of her tits , I played with her tits then he got his cock out and started wanking I laid sue back down then rubbed the dildo on her crutch , I then removed her knickers he was kneeling down wanking about 3 feet away from sue , I opened her legs he was pointing to the lamp so I put the lamp in a position to light up her cunt he put his thumb up to me , He then pointed to the dildo so I started fucking sue with it I looked at him he gestured to go faster and harder so I did , Sue started to come I looked at him he was mimicking the movement of the dildo has if he was fucking sue then he shot his load all over the glass , I quickly pulled the curtains shut so sue would not see the spunk all over the glass , Sue never knew about what had happened that night , later that night I scraped the spunk off the glass and put it in a container I've got a idea what to do with it ?

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  • I am 24 married and when on our honeymoon my husband did the same thing to me in front of four older men unknown to me but the next day I ran into two of them at the club when I was having a drink waiting for my husband to get thru playing his round of golf.

    Well I told them it wasn't me but then one described the birth mark I have on my left hip, then I knew he saw me naked.

    Well it happened they took me to their room and yes I ended up getting fucked by them over and over for the next six hours and I loved it.

    The next day we met again and three of them did me good all day long, l got to where I loved having strange cock in me and getting their cum over and over and now I look for strange cock at home just about daily, Can't get enough.

  • Forget the bad grammar but the confession is great because the same sort of thing I have done with my wife and like you I find it great turn on PLEASE send some more confessions

  • Thank you I will , what happened to you and your wife

  • It was a hot story and very believable as there are lots of guys who get off exposing there wife. But you'll always have some jack ass who couldn't get laid in a whore house with a hundred dollar bill taped to his dick who's going to put others down.

    I hope you continue to share your experiences and don't pay attention to the bored bitter jerks who instead of sharing critacize ( oh thats right they have nothing to share )...

  • I have only just recently found this site this is my true story that I submitted for you , I know its not that well written I apologise , I won't write another .

  • I think maybe the problem is it's one big paragraph, other than that I found it very hot!!

    Don't let bad comments put you off, trolls everywhere!

  • Exactly it’s a porn site not English class. Pretty hot read. Haters gonna hate.

  • Keep working on the fantasies Buster, there is only one way for your stories UP
    Blind Freddie can see this is crap

  • Sorry... any Americans want to translate this?

  • Hard to read

  • This is true... stfu

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