House sitting with my friends grandfather

When I was in my early twenties my friends mom called me up and asked if I would consider staying at their house for a long weekend and look after her father. He lived with them and my friend was not going to be home either, he is pretty much physically able to do everything he just had a memory issue. I told her I would love to do it, the first evening there he called to me and when I walked up next to him he asked me if I would let him see my breasts.
I of course thought no way old man, I laughed it off and went back to what I was doing but I could not get it out of my mind and next thing I was thinking was what would be so bad about him looking or even touching. My thoughts were crazy but at the same time I was a little turned on thinking about how many years it must have been for him. I walked back into his room and he smiled at me and asked if I changed my mind, yes he was a horny old man for sure.
He was so nice though and after a short time there I was spread out on his bed with his face buried in my pubic hair, he was like 88 years old but he sure remembered how to please a woman. He pleasured me until I pulled myself away from him after three orgasms, his face was soaked and he was smiling really big. I just could not take anymore stimulation even though it felt wonderful, he told me that he was so happy finally getting to do that again. He rolled over and that is when I noticed his penis was hard and pushing up his pants. I told him that it looked like he needed some relief and he just stared at me and asked me if I would really do that for him. He told me that he needed to take a bath first so he went off to his bathroom.
I sat there on the bed recuperating from so much oral, I looked at the huge wet spot on the sheets thinking that I was going to have to wash them for sure.
It took him a good twenty minutes to shower and he came out of his room and looked at me sitting in the living room. I got up and told him to lay back on the bed, he undid the towel and laid down, I was amazed at how large his penis looked soft, his testicles were hanging really low but big. He got hard in only a few minutes and while it was not as hard as men my age he was definitely hard enough to have sex. I kept on giving him a blow job though and finally after several breaks of just stroking him he had an orgasm. He was so overjoyed that he cried, he had not had an orgasm in forever and he was crying and telling me I was an angel. I thought to myself that my friends mom would probably see me differently.
So that was the first day. He slept thru the night and when I got up in the morning he was sitting in the living room watching tv. I was up early and started making some coffee, we spent most of that morning just talking and watching television. It was around the early afternoon that he looked at me again and asked if I would be willing to let him go down on me again. I cannot remember exactly how he phrased it but it was something like that anyways. I laughed at him and told him he was a horny old man, he looked down at me and told me that the last time he had been with a woman was before he was seventy. I smiled at him and told him that if it would make him happy then lets go do it. I will not bore you with all the details of the rest of the weekend but I could not tell you how many orgasms I had over the hours he went down on me. I gave him three orgasms from both stroking and oral and one of them took a long time. I left on Monday after getting a big hug from him and my friends mom tried giving me money for staying over, I told her no way I was going to take any money and I would be glad to do it again if she needed it. I never stayed over again but she did ask me to do a few afternoons now and then, each time he wanted to do it but I only let him do it two or three times. He passed away about two years later and I hope I was able to give him some happy times in his last years.


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  • My friends grandfather is the same way, always complimenting me, always smiling away staring at my chest, I hug him all the time and pull him into it. I let him look at me all he wants and when she is upstairs or even one time I came over to her house and was waiting for her to get home from work. I let him touch me all he wants. He is always so nice to me and is never perverted about it, I have never been alone with him long enough for any sex to happen but he did touch me for about ten minutes one time and I almost had an orgasm.

  • You're nothing short of what you liberals label as a control freak. You don't genuinely care for any man & never will. You merely exploited the 88 year old man for your own emotional needs. you didn't care when he passed away either. You only want memories of your orgasms with him. Even money says you're a worthless piece of crap.

  • You are a truly misinformed person. I did not do it for money, I did care for and about him. He was a really nice person and I was a horny young woman, I am glad I did it because I do not know if I would do it again or not but that weekend I was feeling really turned on and it was a great release for both of us.

  • Typical claptrap from the Obscene Right.

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