When I travel on Business

When I travel most of the time it is during the week but a few times a year I have to stay over a weekend and when this happens I try to see how many blow jobs I can receive. It always amazes me how many guys post that they want to come and give them, quite a few are bogus but you would be surprised how many actually show up.
I travelled in August and had a great time receiving five blow jobs on one Saturday and one of the guys asked me how long I was staying and came back repeatedly thru the following week. He is a very talented sucker for sure, way better than any woman I have been with so far, he sucks for an hour, no kidding. When he came back on Sunday I glanced over at the clock shortly after he got started, he wanted me to sit on the couch naked and watch tv while he sucked on me. I had two orgasms and he sucked and licked me the whole time, it was like an hour and ten minutes of non stop stimulation and it felt incredible.
Another thing that surprises me is how some guys want to be dominated like your forcing them to suck cock, few years back I had a guy show up with hand cuffs and a mouth ring deal that he put on himself. He told me that he wanted me to use him for as long as I wanted to suck on my cock, he could swallow my whole cock over and over. He put the contraption on and then knelt down on the floor and put his hands behind his back. I was a little hesitate about the cuffs but he was completely into it, he did gag a few times but never asked to quit and I got quite a few orgasms from it. I guess I was not being forceful enough because after a few minutes of just going in and out of his mouth he moved himself forward and swallowed my whole cock like five times pushing himself into me. I got the hint and began pushing myself right to the bottom, balls flat against his chin and he took it all over and over. I was tired of standing so I led him over by the couch and had him suck me for a while the stood up again and drained myself down his throat again. I doubt I will ever have someone like him again but he actually thanked me when I was done and told me he completely enjoyed it.
Most of the guys want me to be standing, they come into the room, kneel down and start sucking on me pretty quickly and as soon as I orgasm they get up and leave. One guy told me he wanted to bring his wife to the room and make her suck me off but I told him no way.

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