Show for my new gf

I was dating this girl and when we finally got intimate and comfortable with each other she would just start masturbating while I was eating her out. It gave her great orgasms. Anyway, 1 day we were in the couch and I just opened my pants and began masturbating. She said what are you doing? I said I was just really horny. She said keep going. So I did. I ejaculated when I looked over and she was doing the same thing. She got very wet and was putting her fingers in her mouth. I followed, picked up my cum and ate it in front of her. She told me I was nasty, then told me to jerk off onto her tits, which I did. She pulled my face to them and made me clean them. Now I cum in/on her all the time and eat her until she orgasms.

20 days

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    • My girlfriend gets off while she's sucking my cock. She said it makes her orgasm more intense. I usually finish off on her face or tits!

    • You’re not supposed to do that with your mother!!

    • Step mom is fine!

    • I always get my GF off orally then fuck her to get myself off after. But I think I’ll reverse it so I can eat my own cum while getting her off. I keep reading that a lot of couples love this.

    • I do the opposite, I get off then give her oral to get off. I always get a mouth full of cum and a face sprayed down like a car in a car wash. Nothing better than getting squirted on!

    • Damn hot! Yummy I love it ehen my wife makes me eat my cum. Not that she has to force me to do it. But I like it ehen she does!

    • Fuck yes, love eating cum out of wife's pussy. Especially when not mine!

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