The last time I went to a hotel

I have a bad side and one of the things I do is have sex with strangers. Most of the time I go to a few of the larger hotels and sit at the bar or main atrium area and see if a guy will try to pick me up. I never cared what the guy looked like to be honest, if one started talking to me I would push myself onto him.
One evening while doing this an Asian guy came over and asked if he could join me and about an hour later I was walking into his room. We talked for a bit and he told me a few times that he was sorry but his boss was messaging him. Turns out he was messaging his other co-workers there at the hotel.
I started getting undressed and even as he was texting I was starting to undo his pants and a few minutes after I was sucking on him there was a short knock on his door. He quickly got up and opened the door, tingles ran up my spine because within seconds there were three men in the room and me still on the floor naked.
They all began running their hands over my body, I walked to the bed and laid back as the three of them began exploring all of me. Two hours later they had all been in me and been sucked on by me with several orgasms. I did also have several orgasms because two of them loved to give oral but I was pretty worn out after pleasuring all three. I asked if I could shower and one left while the other two joined me and washed off my body while I ended up jacking them off again. All told I think I had about three hours of sex that evening and when I returned home I landed in my bed and slept very late into the morning.

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