Never to be repeated

I’m male 55 and my friend and I were reminiscing about old times and up came our holiday 28 years ago.
I was 27 in a bar chatting up this stunning looking girl, she had the tan, the figure, the long blonde hair and dressed not leaving much to the imagination!
We are flirting with each other big time and it wasn’t long before we are back at her appointment for the obvious to happen.
OMG I was not expecting what happened next, she sat on the bed, flicked her high heels off pulled her knickers to one side and said, get that cock of yours inside my pussy now.
From start to finish she constantly gave a running commentary about fucking her pussy with my cock, go on fuck my pussy fuck it harder, does your cock like my pussy etc etc.
It was the hottest thing ever and sadly never to be repeated with anyone else.

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