I wasn't expecting that type of reaction

I'm 65, my wife is 63. We are both fit, I had a heart attack at 60, I was a good 50 lbs overweight. Diet and exercise I lost 75 lbs and am lighter than I was in HS. After I'd lost half of that the wife got jealous and diet and exercise too and she is now back at HS weight. One thing is that I've developed ED. It started before my HA and I haven't sex with my wife in maybe 6 years. Honestly I have lost my appetite for it so to speak as for all the years she went thru menopause I had to do without sex because she said even the idea made her sick.
She gave me this big speech a few months ago that I might not care about sex but she was still a healthy woman who had needs. She seemed to have forgotten about me having to suppress my needs for about 10 years.
It ended with saying, you know what you most likely already have some one in mind. So go ahead, I really don't care.
Well since we don't sleep in the same room, haven't for years. Last weekend she was out, and I guessing that they'd had seen each other for awhile but she snuck up the back staircase and spent the evening fucking him.
Oddly enough I was curious about what she was doing so I sat in the hallway listening. At first it was to see if what I told her about herself would be true. Oh yeah, miss I don't suck dick was certainly slurping on one.
Then guessing she got him hard again and miss I don't do cowgirl says baby let me get on top. Then the bed springs were squeaking. Also guessing that they changed positions a couple of times.
After awhile I was getting turned on and angry because her she is giving this stranger who didn't put a roof over her head or food on the table everything I'd begged her for but well she just couldn't do that, it's sick.
Next morning at breakfast nook I was having coffee and she came in for a cup, but I think that it was more to see where I was as she got on her phone and texted someone, again guessing it was her "lover" so he could sneak out the back.
No use of divorcing her now but changing the will and there will be nothing left for that bitch.

Aug 6
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    • Changing the will is a good start. But why is it "no use in divorcing her now"? You're healthy again and may live for many years. Do you want to spend it living like that? No way! Get off your ass and go see a lawyer

    • Kick that bitch out of the house. Go make a new bank account in your name only. Then take all the money in the joint accounts and place it in there. Also kill the credit cards and get new ones in your name. Next time she’s out fucking around change all the locks in the house.

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